Getting shoulder surgery can be a big decision. After getting this type of surgery, it’s common to experience some discomfort and pain for a few weeks, or months. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can make sure that you can speed up the recovery. Let’s look at some of the best tips that you might want to explore.

Attend Physical Therapy Classes

In most cases, after shoulder surgery, your doctor will prescribe a physical therapy program. While it might be voluntary, it’s important to make sure that you are attending. There are several benefits that you’ll be able to gain from going to these classes. In many cases, these sessions have been designed specifically for you. Often, they will feature movements and exercises which will help you increase strength and range of motion. As a result, this can be a great way to help you speed up your recovery process.

However, you might also need to be careful about the type of activity that you’re doing. Often, intense physical activities, like lifting heavy boxes, won’t be possible. In many cases, you also won’t be able to drive a car for a few months. If you try to do too much too soon, you risk creating a new shoulder injury, which can be very painful.

Change Your Shower Routine

You might also want to try adjusting your shower routine slightly. In some cases, your doctor will advise that you keep the site of the infection dry, to help you heal faster. There are plenty of ways that you can do this. First, you might want to try using a demountable shower-head. This will give you more control over where the water is flowing. You might also want to get some waterproof bandages. You’ll be able to put these over the shoulder, making sure that it doesn’t get wet.

After your shoulder surgery, you could do a lot of damage if you fall over and hit your affected shoulder. As a result, you should take some steps to make sure that this doesn’t happen. First, you can put a chair into the shower, so you can sit down if you start feeling dizzy. You might also want to get a non-stick bath mat. It can also help to make sure that the room is well-lit.

Use Ice Compression to Reduce Swelling

If you have just finished shoulder surgery, you’ll often notice that your shoulder can start to become a little uncomfortable, and the shoulder might start swelling. In some cases, your doctor will prescribe medication to help you reduce the pain. However, if you are looking for a natural way to reduce swelling, you might want to use ice compression. If you hold the ice in place for about 20 minutes, you should start to see excellent results. If this no longer provides any relief, you might want to try using a heat pack.

Get a Reclining Chair

Another essential element that you might want to get is a reclining chair. There are many ways that this will be able to help you during your recovery. First, it will ensure that you’ll be able to sit down comfortably. Reclining chairs have been designed to avoid putting pressure onto the joint. As a result, you’ll often feel more comfortable when in a recliner, as opposed to other types of chairs. You can even sleep in the chair, as you know that your shoulder won’t move around during the night. Also, many people find that staying in a more upright position is the most comfortable way to sleep. In some cases, you might need to sleep in the recliner for around six weeks after the surgery.

There are plenty of different types of recliners on the market. Generally, you’ll want to find one that will offer a lot of padding, which will ensure that your shoulder is kept comfortable and supported. You might also want to try to find one that has an adjustable footrest. If you want a few more tips to make sure that you’re getting the right recliner for you, check out this comfortable recliners compilation.

Use Pillows to Help You Sleep After Surgery

For many people, one of the most challenging aspects of shoulder surgery will be trying to go to sleep. Thankfully, there are a few techniques that you might want to try to get a good night’s sleep. First, your doctor might prescribe some medication to take before you sleep. This will help numb the pain, so you’ll find it easier to relax. You might also want to wear loose-fitting clothing. This ensures that it won’t be rubbing against the recovering shoulder during the night. It might also help to have clothing with an elastic waist, and you can easily pull it on and take it off.

However, the key aspect is making sure that you prepare the bed appropriately. First, you might want to get a wedge-shaped pillow. Place this on the side that you had the surgery on. The pillow will stop you from rolling onto the injured shoulder during the night, which can be a very painful experience and might lead to swelling in the morning. You might also need to sleep with a few more pillows than you normally would. This can make it easier for you to create a comfortable sleeping position. For some people, this can mean sleeping in a more upright position. In some cases, you might also want to place your arm into a sling. This will ensure that it doesn’t move during the night.


The recovery time from shoulder surgery can vary. For some people, it might take a few weeks; others will require several months. However, the key to making a smooth recovery is making sure that you are prepared. As we’ve seen, there are dozens of simple things that you can do to help you manage the discomfort caused by the surgery. So, use these tips to improve your recovery after shoulder surgery.