Simply put, stress is your body’s reaction or response to a particular demand or challenge. Today, almost everyone witnesses stress that can get triggered by a set of events. It can range from everyday stress to serious life changes such as a job loss or even a divorce. And our stress response includes a physical component, for instance, increased blood pressure and an increased heart rate. In women, increased stress can also lead to hormonal imbalances.

And during the pandemic, most people are witnessing psychological stress more often. It is mostly because no one knows when the pandemic would completely decline and people can get back to their usual life course. Also, even when people are moving out of their house, they are constantly under the fear of getting infected by the virus which is also adding to one’s stress. This constant psychological stress is aggravating people’s mental health and it is essential to remedy it.

Useful guidelines by William D King

The objective of life is to live freely and happily! However, stress can often come in the way and result in an unhappy and unhealthy life. If you are feeling increased stress during this pandemic phase, you can opt-in for some of the useful guidelines:

  1. Eat and drink correctly to improve your physical health

There are many people who try to bring down their stress by consuming alcohol or eating excessively. Such actions might appear to be helpful temporarily but is ineffective in the long run. And it can increase your stress levels as well. You can try to address your stress by consuming decaf coffee or green tea in place of alcohol. Also, it is necessary to consume a balanced and healthy diet so that you can bring down your stress level.

  • You should exercise everyday

Apart from benefiting your physical health, exercise can also relieve your stress. You can opt-in for less strenuous exercise such as aerobics, Tai Chi, yoga, and weight training. It’s important to set balanced goals. Exercise release endorphins which can help you to maintain a positive attitude and feel better.

  • Refrain from nicotine products and tobacco

Most people who have used nicotine often consider it as their stress relieving agent. But nicotine ends up putting increased stress on the body by reducing blood flow and maximizing physical arousal.

  • Opt-in for relaxation techniques

You should take ample time to relax daily so that you can manage your stress levels. Today, you have a variety of relaxation techniques such as mindfulness meditation, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and imagery. You can also opt-in for mobile and online apps that come with easy guidelines and enable you to relax better. Some are free of charge as well.

  • Bring down your stress triggers

Most people have their set stress triggers. It is necessary that you recognize them. Alternatively, you can use proper time management so that you can meet your objectives on time and bring down your stress level says, William D King

You can opt-in for these easy stress-relieving tactics as you work from home during the pandemic phase and boost your mental health.