Stress and overwhelm is a real problem in this day and age that so many of us go through at some point in our lives. As a full-time entrepreneur, the beginning of my journey was filled with overworking myself which led me straight to burnout land. I have since found ways to bring way more ease and flow into my daily routine and it has drastically increased success in my business and life. Regardless of what your career is or where you are in life, these tips will help you to reduce stress and overwhelm to increase success in all areas:

1. Practice Daily Self-Care: This is too often overlooked yet is so incredibly important to do in order to truly live a fulfilled life. Checking in with yourself everyday with where you are mentally, emotionally, and physically in order to give yourself what you need is essential to create success. Take a bath, read a book, take a walk — whatever gives you joy and makes you feel good are vital to incorporating in your daily routine so that you are refreshed and in tip top shape to be your best and most productive self.

2. Focus on One Activity At a Time: There is a time and a place for multitasking, but overdoing it is one of the biggest ways to bring unnecessary stress to your life. Focusing on one task or activity at a time and staying in the present moment while you are doing so, will allow you to organize your time much more efficiently. Overwhelm often comes when you have too much to do and don’t feel like you have enough time to get everything done so forcing yourself to just focus on one thing will do wonders to reduce stress. Give yourself a little bit of structure during your days and weeks to complete only the key most important tasks first and watch your productivity go through the roof!

3. Do What You Love: Choosing to live your life in a way that it is filled with activities that you love is the number one way you will create success for yourself. Your life’s purpose is typically linked to what you love to do most so paying attention to what your passions are or what comes naturally to you will likely open many doors for you. This will lead you to become much more fulfilled in your life because you are actually spending your time enjoying it rather than stressing. Do whatever it takes to live a life filled with your passions and life will reward you accordingly.