The good news of an interview call from your dream university is usually accompanied with excitement of getting selected for the interview and the stress of how to ace the interview. With my 10 years of international admission coaching experience, I bring here 5 tips for the students to reduce their stress levels and prepare for the interview.

1. Remember You are A Winner Already

You got an interview call. It’s a reason to celebrate already, so stay there with that feeling of happiness and contentment till the interview. When I asked international admissions on what they look for in an interview – majority said they look for confidence than brilliance. Your application had proved your brilliance and that’s why you got yourself to the interview stage. Now, keep the fears aside and embrace the confidence within you and go and approach the interview like a winner.

2. During the interview, speak with mind and heart

One of the biggest easiest mistakes to do in an interview is that you go too much technical in your answers and the information you pass to the interviewee does not carry enough emotional weight. So, try and be your self in the interview and take your emotions along in the interview. It’s alright to let them know with full heart that you are very passionate about a particular sport or art form; and it’s equally acceptance to show if you are not particularly interested in a specific activity. Having an opinion is fine as it helps you be you, and that’s what university wants to know – if you have a mind of your own and if you follow your heart.

3. Talk about your inspirations

Interview is a great platform to talk about who or what inspires you. If you choose to mention a quote of some one who inspires you, please follow it up with how you implemented the lesson that the quote carried. If you are talking about people who inspire you – you can talk about their habits that you want to inculcate or the ones you have already inculcated. At times, just a simple conversation about how you lead your daily life can give meaningful insights to the interviewer and it can help you ace the interview.

4. Clarify your intention

Clearly tell what you intend to do in university and in life. Don’t be scared of telling your intentions out load. To gain courage to give words to your intention, read Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book titled ‘The Power of Intention’ or if you are short on time, read a synopsis of the same. If you aim big – say that.

5. Connections and Communities

The next decade is all about learning from and benefitting from your connections and communities. So, if you are someone who already has a lot of people connections – tell how and what have you learnt from them (and of course how you want to continue growing your network); and if you don’t have it yet – tell them how you will use the university experience to nurture your connections and communities.

If you have any comments or want to add to the above advice, feel free to write in the comments below. Thank you so much.