Applying the work-smart philosophy

How to relieve stress in personal life & business life by embracing the work-smart philosophy; stress management tips from executive consultant Monica Magnetti.

We all want to know how to relieve stress. Even when we think we have found the miracle cure for stress, we often still feel pressured. Let’s talk about some ways to outsmart stress.

We are all entrepreneurs — entrepreneurs of our own life. As the owner of a business, as an employee, even as a parent, whatever your walk of life, you are the entrepreneur of your personal life and your business life.

As an Executive Consultant for Entrepreneurs, I see many common habits and patterns that most business people have when struggling with the stresses of starting or running a company. In this post, we’re going to cover some strategies for effective stress management as entrepreneurs.

The vicious circle

All entrepreneurs occasionally have trouble living in the present. Even when we strive to live in the present, we sometimes let the mistakes of our past weigh us down, we sometimes let the challenges of our future goals overwhelm us. It is at times like these that we become stressed. When we are stressed, we can’t comfortably be ourselves in the present. And when we can’t be ourselves, we slip either into the past or into the future — and our stress grows. It’s a vicious circle.

Most of us, when we are stressed, just work harder. And guess what happens. We become more stressed! It’s time for us to learn how to relieve stress in our personal life and our business life. How? By learning to work smart. Easy does it.

How to work smarter

Think about the things that help you focus so that you can spend less time at work. What are they?

Did you know that it’s just as important to have activities, hobbies, and passions outside of our family nucleus? We all know that it’s important to have activities, hobbies and passions outside of our work. Occasionally focusing outside of our work and outside of our families makes us better business people, better employees, better parents. It makes us alive!

5 stress management tips

Here are a few stress reduction tips to guide you on how to relieve stress:

  1. Become the effortless entrepreneur. You are the expert of your business life and your personal life. Embrace this truth and be confident in your capabilities. Even Michael Gerber endorses this concept!
  2. Surrender yourself to this truth: Making a mistake does not make you an idiot. Relax and stop trying not to make mistakes. You are human. It is easier to accept your humanness than to live a stressed life trying to avoid it.
  3. Outsmart stress by understanding what stresses you. Then correct your patterns of stress by making conscious choices.
  4. Maximize time at work. Have a clear idea why you are doing what you are doing. Remember, you will impact more people in better ways if you are in touch with your own aliveness. You cannot be vibrant and productive if you are worn out.
  5. Avoid entrepreneur overload. How can you be the leader of your business, your work, your family — your boat — if you are on overload? When you are not in balance, everything sinks.

Learn how to play. Get in touch with yourself and your passions. Don’t work hard. Instead, work smart. The secret to a good life is simple: trust yourself more and give yourself a break. That’s how to relieve stress in your business life and your personal life.


Invest in yourself and create your ideal life. When you invest in your own journey you get the best return: YOU as the master of your life.

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