Add in a pandemic that’s challenged even long-standing businesses that had a strong model in place. Many of these companies have found themselves in dire conditions, financially strapped, or even worse yet having to close down. That’s why it’s so impressive to recognize what Giselle Bonet has done.

Starting a business with a young child, Giselle built a company of her dreams. Today, she shares that knowledge with others. She knows that if she can stand on her own two feet through hard work, dedication, and the right information, others can, too–and she wants to help. 

In today’s global environment, people rely on resources from all over the world. During the pandemic outbreak, it became more obvious than ever just how reliant we are on multiple nations and a global economy. 

Whether it’s the simplicity of needing plastic containers for your small business to the importance of medical provisions. One of the downfalls is in not understanding safe importing practices. This vital process is critical when it comes to protecting consumers and businesses.

There’s a world of manufacturing outside your door, but not everybody follows the same high quality inspection guidelines. Safety is paramount when you rely on other manufacturers. Where does safety come in, especially in a world that’s seen a global outbreak of COVID that shut down many traditional channels?

Giselle Bonet has been helping people understand the steps involved with safely importing global products. She has a customer base that spans over 15 countries. Her company is focused on teaching others entrepreneurs what they need to know when it comes to this endeavor. 

Safety is a crucial component when it comes to imports. It’s easy to lose money and cut into your profits, and end up with an inferior product. She’s learned there are important steps and information that can help you, and shares information with her social media followers on tips to make importing from China easier and smarter. She’ll soon be releasing a book with her top tips.

Giselle brings with her a wide range of experience. Opening a company back in 2012, she quickly learned how difficult communication efforts can be between different languages, and something that may seem basic can often be misunderstood. 

Using her years of practice and experience in the field, she now funnels that knowledge to her customers so they understand how to not only find the best-qualified manufacturers, but also how to understand issues like quality control via international standards.

It can be an expensive endeavor if you don’t go in with the right information. Having exported machinery, raw materials and more, she understands the complexities of government projects, national industries, and working with private companies. 

Knowledge is power. Even in a day where a pandemic has crushed many businesses, it continues on for others. Learning to adapt and find new ways to do business smarter is vital to staying afloat. 

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