The Trading Guru of Africa, Refiloe Nkele, or popularly known as Ref Wayne, has undoubtedly paved the way for the youth to follow over. The 25 years old is not just a trader but also a young Entrepreneur, a Philanthropist, and even an author. His rise from scratch to the top will undoubtedly influence the people of today’s generation.

Beginning of the Story

Born and raised in an average family of Meadowlands, Africa, the childhood days of Refiloe were spent just like any other regular teenagers. He wasn’t interested in the traditional way of academic life; instead, he got interested in the world of trading. His extreme desire to earn money and help his family lead him to drop out of school in the 9th grade. He even started selling SIM cards to the local people of his area and was trying to make a way of living. That is when he met his mentor Mr. David Schwartz.

David Schwartz introduced everything about Trading to Rafiloe. At the age of 16, he started his first trading. It took him only three years to make his first million and another three years to achieve his first billion. 

Unbreakable Records

In 2016 he came up with “Pipcoin” the first digital currency of his own country. He also launched a trading software named “The Armageddon System.” The successful career of a trader continues as Ref Wayne shares his knowledge with many companies, holds several tv programs, and gave speeches in many seminars. He also organized many classes and workshops for all the aspiring traders. 

The journey of a Philanthropist & an Author

His career gets enlarged as he dedicated himself to work for his country people. To eliminate his country’s financial crisis, he inaugurated the “African Foreign Institute” in the year 2014. He educated and supervised his fellow countrymen through this institution and shared his knowledge about the trade and market.

He didn’t restrict himself from sharing his knowledge with the people of all over the world. Hence, he launched his first book “The Art of Trading” in 2017, where he gave detailed information about the trading world and the tactics that one needs to survive in this community. It is one of the most well-known works of Refiloe Nkele. He also has written another book that has a detailed analysis of the financial markets, which is “Top Down Analysis on the Financial Markets.” 

The 25- years old Millionaire has authored various articles which have a great power to have an impact on today’s youth. The articles are mainly about the problems that people face while being on this massive platform of the internet. His latest project is the “Ref Wayne Foundation” as his corporate social responsibility initiative. He is influencing, guiding, and educating a lot of people through that medium. 

As a motivational speaker, Wayne tried to change the lives of the people of Africa and Botswana. He wanted to show them a path on which they can walk easily if they have the proper dedication and proper planning. The influential projects of this young man had helped the young generation to overcome their insecurities and enabled them to dream big. In the future also his work will certainly continue to give hope to many such people.