Motivation monday

Saturday, March 20 was the International Day of Happiness. With the ongoing pandemic, global issues that haunt us every day, it is challenging for us to stay happy. But, it is a choice that we need to make to keep moving.

A dreadful challenge we all face is #SundayScaries when we know that the workday is right around the corner.

From jitters, stress, uneasiness, dealing with work pressure to handling challenging tasks we all have our own share of what Monday brings.

According a LinkedIn survey, 80% of Americans are with you. So, you are not alone. What can we do change this narrative?

80% of americans worry about week ahead
Image courtesy : LinkedIn

Here are three strategies to setup yourself for a fabulous work week.

  1. Identify one thing that energizes you

Instead of asking what you are passionate about focus on what energizes YOU. This is a mindset hack I learned from Mel Robbins. For me, it is playing with my toddler. Watching how he curiously explores the world makes me pause, reflect, and energizes me. I took him to the park yesterday and was amazed that I spent two hours without constantly checking my phone. Also, interviewing leaders through my Curryup Leadership podcast to spotlight purpose-driven Asian leaders making an impact every Sunday brings me so much energy.

2. Mediate for 15 mins

We often give this a pass. For over 90 days, I have consistently spent 15 mins meditating and this goes a long way to control our anxiety. We feel better poised to handle curve balls that the work week brings. Setup a recurring calendar invite for 15 mins every morning. Find a simple youtube guided meditation video and get started.

3. Smile it away

As career-oriented professionals and leaders, we don’t have to look and act serious all the time to be taken seriously. I spent the first 30 years of my life taking me too seriously. In 2021, I have set my eyes on embracing levity in all aspects of my life. Here are some interesting thoughts on winning colleagues through Levity in my recent article here. Don’t take things personally and move on. The mindset shift is gradual but every time you start pondering, overthinking you have to recognize your thoughts and pull yourself away from the rut. Start small and put a smile on your face. As we know, pain is always present but misery is an option.