Breaking Point in Marriage

The deep, pure relation of marriage can never come with the ‘conditions apply’ tag. It is on every aspect a mutual thing that can never complete if the two sides do not meet at a common point. For sure, the materialistic issues and emotional aspects are the influential factors. They can dominate your relation up to an extent where situation may turn unfavourable. It happens with many in fact countless couples but that does not mean that every time the two souls need to get separated.

If unfortunately, you are going through a bad time in your relation and segregation seems to be the only option then WAIT. Before taking a BIG decision, why not give a last and best try? No one can keep you and your partner restricted to stay together but why not one last time do actual and honest efforts. Things may turn from destructive to constructive.


Relations, Destined To Have A Long Journey Should Not Stop Due To Bumpy Roads

It is impossible to cover a long distance without crossing the uneven roads. Your wife or husband came in your life not just for a date or a candle light dinner. You both made countless plans and saw beautiful dreams together. That first kiss, that first hug, that first touch of warmth. NO, how can one nightmare be so strong to spoil all these good efforts? Understand the fact, that no fight should be so big to harm your intense emotional investments in the relation.


Give respect to individuality

One big reason of clashes can be the mistake that you forget the individual existence of your partner in this world. This is common in many relations. You should never disagree on the fact that no matter how close is this relation but a person should always have his/her own space. Sometimes we feel so much authority on our partner that we stop realising that somewhere we are suffocating their own selves.

Start giving space to each other, you both should let each other make and follow a separate routine. Obviously, this should not provoke any kind of separation. Despite a different schedule for the day, dinner table can still become the junction to sit together. At least few things like the meals of the day, watching T.V or may be just having tea should not be missed.


A heart-to-heart conversation is the only bridge to fill gaps in a relation

There is a big difference between silence that gives peace and the silence that provokes distance. If you are not talking to each other since long just to avoid conversation on ACTUAL issues then try to change your mind. Sit together and talk on the matters that are pushing the relations toward severity. Make sure that the conversation take place to bring out something constructive and it should never end on ‘NOTHING’.

Keep the feel of togetherness intense while interacting with the partner. This is because when you keep thinking that ‘if things do not go well I will quit’ then circumstances never get back to normality. Stay fully indulged in the moment, keep no interference of phone calls, e-mails, television, guests, nothing.


Money is just a materialistic thing

Financial matters are one of the most dominating factors that affect the relations. However, forget not marriage is a mutual thing and anything can be defeated with joint efforts. If the clashes are arising due to financial chaos then work on it now. First of all, take care of the income and outgoing balance, usually the topic of fights are the small things. For instance – imbalance in monthly budget but its effects are big and large scale. Secondly, work on the solutions. If debts are dominating and you are into bad credit situation then make a list of the obligations and try to pay off the small ones. In place of handling multiple instalments, why not take bad credit loans from direct lender and pay off the small debts. Things can always come back to normality if you at least try. Marriage is relation of responsibility and realisation of right thing. Keep self-respect but not ego, as it is a negative emotion that creates only self-centeredness. Sow the seed of honesty, love and gratitude and you will get a tree later with deep unshakable roots.