How to rock your time home with the kids

As the country stays home, most parents are uttering the same question…

Uh, what do we do with our kids for the next few months?!

And possibly “how do we stay sane in the process?”

School districts are feverishly working to help, but there continues to be a lot of free time and togetherness.

Except, here’s the thing. This is an amazing opportunity to create unforgettable memories. Recently, my husband and I realized we will NEVER have this much family time again in our lives. It will slip away as school, activities, and crazy schedules come back to life later this year.

So, we should take advantage!

Here are four incredible tips to rock your time home with the kids!

Create a Schedule

ALL humans thrive on structure. How much you need depends on your preferences, but everyone does better when they have daily rituals and expectations they can count on.

First, make sure you have a solid work routine if you’re using an office at home. You still need moments of quiet and space to get things done.

Then, set a routine for your kids. Our schedule includes reading time, homeschooling, outdoor fun, and daily walks. (When we need it for sanity purposes, there’s also a “quiet room time!”)

And leave space for fun in your schedule! Check out 75 Activities for Kids at Home for TONS of ideas keeping kids and families busy.

Get Outside

Thank goodness it’s spring! The weather is improving and it makes a huge difference in our moods. So, step outside every day with your kids to soak in that essential Vitamin D (boosts your immune system too!)

You’ll be a happier bunch!

Utilize the Togetherness

This is it. The golden opportunity for more time with your family that you’ve been dreaming of. DO NOT WASTE IT.

We’ve enacted evening walks, Sunday movie nights, and bed cuddling rituals to savor the extra time together.

What rituals can you create to soak in the togetherness?

Add Specialness

Finally, one challenge with staying home all the time is that everything begins to look the same. There’s simply not much to break up the day.

Which means we need to add our own flair! Try adding one of these to make the ordinary seem special.

  • Light candles at dinner
  • Drink sparkling grape juice to celebrate a small milestone (riding a bike, tying a shoe, etc.)
  • Make a “dessert night” when you prepare something from scratch
  • Drink fancy coffee on the weekends (mom and dad)
  • Try a different park or trail to walk once a week

In Conclusion

We are in uncertain times, and staying home isn’t always easy with kids. Any parent can attest to that.

But if we look at it just the right way, we realize that silver linings are every where.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to strengthen your family bond.