If you are doing what you love, your job doesn’t just have to be a way to just get a paycheck. Believe it or not, there are careers out there where you can do something your passionate about, help other people, and make enough money to live life how you always dreamed of living it. 

Becoming a full-time dating coach can be a fantastic way to own your own business, set your own hours, and make a lot of money doing something that makes you happy. 

However, how do you get to a point where you’re pulling seven figures a year doing this kind of work? 

What is a Relationship Coach? 

First, let’s define what it means to be a dating and relationship coach. 

Think of the job as being a life coach specifically focused on love and dating. You help people grow in life areas like dating, intimacy, romance, and communication. 

People might hire you to help them solve issues in a current relationship, or they might want you to help them find love. It changes with each client. 

You can also decide which areas of love and dating you want to be your focus and only work on certain issues. That’s the beauty of it, the job description is completely up to you. 

No matter what, your job will most likely include providing healing guidance and support to help people achieve their goals and feel great about themselves. 

Understand Your Role

Before you start putting in a lot of work to start, understand the role of a dating coach. For example, there’s an important difference between a coach and a counselor.

Becoming a counselor requires at least a bachelor’s degree, usually a master’s degree, and certifications in order to operate. You need to go to school for years to have this job. 

The basics of being a coach and counselor are similar, but they’re two very different professions. As a coach, you won’t be using therapy techniques or digging into people’s pasts to discover the root cause of their issues.

Instead, you help to identify what’s holding them back, define what their goals are, and build problem-solving skills. 

Choose Your Specialization

Once you know the basics of what you’ll be doing as a coach, it’s time to decide on your specialization. Think of your personal strengths. What are you best at? Where do you think you can be most helpful? 

Do you want to help just men, just women, or both? Singles or couples? Do you want to work directly with people at all, or would you prefer to become a consultant to a dating app or website? 

The possibilities are endless, you just have to decide where you’d be most successful.

Find a Training Program

You don’t need a certification to become a dating coach, but if you want to turn your coaching into a seven-figure business, having a certification to your name will go a long way. Certifications help clients trust you and your expertise easily. 

There are a lot of different programs to choose from. Whether you want to go full-time, part-time, or just take classes online, you can find one that works for you. 

Establish an Online Presence

Online marketing is key for dating coaches. Your first step should be to set up a website for yourself. A good website helps people to find your services from a Google search for coaches in their area. 

Plus, if you start a blog on your new website, you can offer content that people think is valuable. Showing off your expertise makes you someone that people want to work with. 

It’s also smart to use social media to market your new business. Set up a Facebook business page and an Instagram profile to start, since most of your customers will probably be on one of these two sites. 

Share your blog posts and other helpful content on social media so that people can get a sense of who you are and how you can help.

Build Your Clientele

Finally, you can start building your client list. If you do your job right, you will constantly need to be in marketing mode, because the same clients won’t be coming back!

You can work with as many people as you feel comfortable with. Some coaches prefer to only take on a few cases at a time, others are happy to work with lots of clients. Do what works for you. 

Once you have success stories, ask them to write a testimonial for you that you can post on your website. 

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  • Giordana Toccaceli

    International Dating, Relationship and Intimacy Expert

    Giordana Toccaceli is an International Dating, Relationship and Intimacy Expert having worked with thousands of women and men around the world to become their most attractive and magnetic selves and attract incredible partners into their lives in record time. Giordana has worked with a wide range of clients from Top CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, professional athletes, actors, models and every day men and women. She is a regular contributor to Univision TV's morning show "Despierta Austin" and the Founder of Woman's Allure and the Co-Founder of Embody Love Project.