In working for a start-up, I am intimately involved with the effort it takes to build a successful business. However, it’s incredibly important to also achieve a level of balance. While working non-stop can enable us to power through our to-do list, for continued, long-term success, we need to make time for rest and well-being.

Major business milestones don’t come every day, but the company I work with, BitBounce, recently surpassed 4 million users. Our product allows anyone to get paid to receive marketing emails, while also blocking unwanted spam messages. This is a feat we could not have achieved without a commitment to preserving balance in our lives. To date, our technology has processed over 1 billion emails, and has helped millions of people take back control of their time and attention.

BitBounce meets a vital market need – consumers consider an astonishing 50 percent of the emails they receive to be unsolicited spam. It is BitBounce’s mission to disrupt the advertising and marketing paradigm so consumers get paid directly for their attention.

BitBounce’s offerings are catered to young and digitally savvy consumers who wish to filter and respond to email more efficiently; in fact, 72 percent of our users are under the age of 35. BitBounce’s large millennial user base allows marketers to reach the so-called “Burnout Generation” easily and efficiently. However, being aware of this moniker, the team knew building the business without earning the same nickname was paramount.

Indeed, as a lot of young people know, your job and business will be negatively impacted if you burn out. Entrepreneurs need to work in a way that drives the company forward quickly but also sustains drive, passion and ability to function both in the workplace and your life.

I know the aforementioned is easier said than done. I myself default towards working, but try to maintain good basic habits around exercise, eating well and getting enough sleep. Sometimes my habits slip when work gets very busy, but it’s my new year’s resolution to do better in this area and I encourage others to do the same.

The following are four easy tips for achieving success without burning out:

  1. Reframe Your Point of View – You need to actively manage your point of view and make sure you are focused on the positives and progress. You should see the complete picture of your business and face all facts, but focusing on the growth you’ve achieved will help you stay in a more upbeat and productive state of mind along the way.
  2. Go On a Digital Detox – With today’s digital, always-on world, it is essential to occasionally set your phone to airplane mode and take a break from the constant buzz of notifications. If for no other reason than to have an uninterrupted conversation at least once a day. My phone goes on airplane mode every night.
  3. Let Nature Call – Take walks in nature, escape to the beach or woods; the natural environment can help temporarily disconnect you from your day-to-day grind.
  4. Escape with TV/Books – Indulge in escapist reading or television that takes your mind somewhere else and out of the weeds and details of work. Though it may be a guilty pleasure like reality TV or something more highbrow like “Masterpiece Theatre,” a little bit of entertainment is a surefire way to disconnect from work.

While putting in the hours is a requirement to grow and scale a business, especially a start up, it is critical to focus on your health, your employees and your family. You can use the tips above to build your business while maintaining a good balance.