The Principle of Value

You can sell expensive wine using the principles of behavioral psychology, overcoming self-limiting mindsets, and tapping into the wisdom of value.

I thought buying expensive wine was crazy.

How could I buy expensive wine? I worried over every purchase and proposal. I hated paying more than I had to. I wore bargain clothes. I ate at cheap restaurants. My scarcity mindset made it hard to book more clients.

I saw a $1000 bottle of wine incorrectly. I saw the money as two car payments, a mortgage payment, etc.

My mindset was wrong. I saw cash as a scarcity and not a commodity. Every decision I made was to protect a dwindling resource.

I changed

I learned the purpose of money. It helps us live our best life. If I learned to book more clients I could earn more. More money meant I could curate luxury that I wanted and stop worrying about price.

Do you want to stop worrying about price?

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Learn from my change.

How I Changed

I changed. I spent on what I wanted without worry. I took trips out of the country. I bought nice shoes. I invested in myself. How? I learned to book more clients. What was my secret?

I learned a lesson from a $1000 bottle of wine and a master salesman.

Lessons From a Master Salesman

I have a friend who is a sommelier. He makes a living selling expensive wine. I wondered how he sold bottles that cost ten times the price of a meal.

I knew his knowledge could help me book more clients.

He told me there were three principles to selling expensive wine and to book more clients.

  1. Authority:

-He knew our minds are lazy. They want to make the least choices necessary. With his help clients were able to make choices by trusting his authority.

2) Confidence:

-My friend loved wine. His suggestions came from experience. Client’s recognized this. They knew his suggestion lacked outside motivation (pushing expensive bottles for profit).

3) Quality:

-He knew client’s mistake price for quality. He built a loyal following by helping people avoid expensive bottles when there were better deals.

Using these three principles my friend consistently sold expensive wine to regular customers. It was normal for him to sell $1000 bottle of wine most nights of the week.

Why Expensive Wine and Freelancing Go Together

If you want to book more clients you need to:

*Know what a client needs

*Add value

*Start slow

Below is a quick start guide to book more clients.

How To Book More Clients Like a Master Salesman


Clients want you to have experience. If you want to book more clients you need to:

*Master the Conversation Economy

*Communicate the value you bring to the project

*Use success triggers to show you are an expert


This will help you book more clients. Explain the benefits for your price.


I sent a price for a landing page. In it I explained cost and what the client would receive. Explaining what the client got for the price increased the client’s confidence. Confidence creates social proof. High social proof leads to bookings.


Make it easy for a client to book you.

Communicate the quality of your work to a client. It will increase your bookings. The three easiest ways to do this are:

*Testimonials:Testimonials are social proof you do good work. Proof from outside sources will increase your bookings.

*Projects:Share links to related work. When a client sees related work you have done you will book more work.

*Guest Post:Guest posts are like testimonials. Guest posts demonstrate authority.

Key Takeaway

You want to book more clients? Use my three tips above.

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Originally published at on February 1, 2017.

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