New Year Resolution

When a new year starts, the highlights fulfill objectives related to the previous year and New Year’s resolutions.

The transition of the year is a moment of balance: to understand what has been achieved in the previous twelve months and what remains to be completed – also, this is the time to realize what can be improved. So it is essential to keep in mind New Year’s resolutions and business objectives so that you can do business planning for the coming year.

Why Set up New Year Business resolutions: the importance

The company’s objectives are very similar to New Year’s resolutions, hence crucial for its growth. Still, there is a small difference: the company’s goals are associated with a growth forecast and a business plan. New Year’s resolutions correspond to aspects that can be improved and which, although not a priority, can have a positive impact.

Also, we know that, in most cases, business objectives are measurable, and there may be a previously set date for achieving them; New Year’s resolutions are not measurable, but most of the results have positive consequences that are easily identifiable.

Setting up Business Resolutions for the New Year

 Now that you know the importance of New Year’s resolutions, you can use the following ideas to set up a new year’s business resolution.

  • Plan your actions

James Smith, Director of Marketing at ProfitGuru says “Your strategy must be well defined because, in this way, you can plan and prioritize the actions you should perform. This mechanism also allows you to quickly identify when objectives are not being met – enabling you to correct the situation promptly and get back on track”

  • Encourage good work habits

An essential aspect of the Team. Employees are necessary to achieve the defined goals, and, therefore, they must be aligned with the company’s objective. In New Year’s resolutions, save space for the Team: create a space for them to take breaks, plan Team Building actions, involve them in company plans and allow them to be part of some decisions. Small attitudes can make all the difference!

  •  Delegate responsibilities

Peter Schoeman, Founder of The Dog Adventure “I think one of the most influential New Years’ resolutions any businessperson can set is to concentrate only on the most essential, high-level tasks in their business, and delegate everything else. The sad reality is that most of us are spending a lot of time and wasting a lot of money by working on tasks that need to be handled by a lower level team member. Delegating, either internally or to an outside freelancer, will help me to boost my results instead of just staying busy”  

It may seem not easy at first, but this is one of the New Year’s resolutions that can guarantee great results. It is important to delegate tasks that can be done by other people because this way, you can use your time to carry out other more important tasks with your Team, some planning and operationalization, and invest your time in the strategic part. An important aspect is to ensure that the actions to be performed by employees are aligned with the business objectives – devote an amount of your time to ensuring that everything progresses according to what you want.

  • Teamwork

Brett Roberts, CEO of IBN Direct says “Teamwork is reflected in the results and, therefore, it is important to highlight each Team and value their work. This factor will allow for greater cooperation between the various Teams since each has its own space and knows exactly what its function is and how to bring value to the company. Working remotely is more frequent, and numerous tools facilitate these – Skype or Slack are examples of devices that allow this remote interaction”

  • Organize Meetings

Meetings are essential for two reasons: first, because place contextualized about the state of some actions to be carried out to fulfill the company’s objective and, consequently, you can have a perception about the fulfillment of timings; afterward, the meetings also allow you to value employees and present you with new actions to be carried out or changes that are necessary.

  • Improving Customer Service

Julian Goldie, CEO of Goldie Agency says “Clients are the most crucial aspect of the business, therefore improving my customer experience is our new year’s business resolution for the year 2021. Guaranteeing reliable customer service is essential for achieving your goals in the business world. Good customer service is not only effective for bringing new customers, but it’s also vital for retaining your existing ones. In fact, keeping your current clients satisfied can be significantly less expensive than spending money on new ones”  

  • Hold productive meetings

This topic is related to one of the New Year’s resolutions we discussed in point 5: scheduling meetings will not be beneficial if it does not make them productive. This aspect is so important that it deserves to be highlighted: create a schedule for the meeting, define the topics to be addressed and estimate a time for each one – it may not be accomplished by the minute but, in this way, you can be aware of a subject is taking place a lot of time compared to expected and can reverse this situation in real-time to ensure that the meeting is not going to be prolonged or that there are issues left for the next one.

  • Celebrating successes and the good news

Steve Sharon, Marketing Manager at Mealfan says “Celebrate the victories achieved and congratulate those involved! Valuing employees is essential, and you must do it at the right times – present results, celebrate as a Team and make that moment an incentive for more business goals to be achieved!”

  • Renovating the Office

Now it is the part where you think that you don’t need to renovate the office and not invest! We have good news: renovating the space can be understood as a new decoration, changing the compartments’ structure or, simply, validating everything that no longer works and is only taking up space. Moving is always right, and making the space more functional is a great option for moving.