Work from home is not a new concept but it has become the new normal for many people around the world. May be this new normal is going to be an unplanned retirement for many office and knowledge workers.

This Covid19 pandemic has made people realised that they don’t need a huge office to work on everyday also they don’t need so many employees every and does not have to commute every single day.

And therefore, many people have set up their home offices which is not that good. While Setting up a home office you need a lot of things to keep in mind like the ergonomics of your work environment, good furniture, good gadgets which will help you to stay productive though out your work from home regime.

Some basic work appliances

To get started with the setup there are some first priority appliances which will help you get started with your every day work. As it is about setting up a home office it will be really good if you go for a desktop computer for your work because it will help you to stay organised and it will motivate you to work while sitting on your work desk only.

Along with the desktop computer get yourself a Bluetooth keyboard and a mouse. Getting some wireless device will help you to keep your desk from getting messy with wires here and there.

A Separate room for work space

As your work space get a separate room which will help you stay focused all day long without any disturbance. Having a separate home office room will not only help you to stay productive but also it will help you to be more efficient while working.

If you don’t have extra rooms in your house you can still convert your guest room which will serve you as the both work space and guest room as well. All you have to do is setup a work desk and a good office chair in one side on the room and it will be more than enough for short term.

But it is recommended to get a separate room as work space for maximum efficiency and productivity though out the day.

A great ergonomic work desk

You will need a good ergonomic work desk or table which will help you stay focused and organized while working. Getting a good work table is really important without any doubt. So, it is recommended to get an adjustable work table in which you can adjust the height of the table based on your comfort.

Having an adjustable table has a lot of benefits on its own. See if you are a tall person than definitely you will need a table that has more height as compared to the tables for short people. So, an adjustable table will help you maintain your ergonomics pretty well.

A Great ergonomic office chair

For your home office you definitely need an office chair. As you will work whole day while sitting in a single position you need to take care of your back as well. A good office chair will help you stay focused while working for longer hours and also it will help you stay productive.

If you don’t use a good ergonomic office chair then I have to say that you might end up facing some serious back pain issues which is really painful in the old ages. So, a good supportive ergonomic office chair is really important.

While looking for a great ergonomic office chair go with a chair that comes with adjustable armrest, adjustable lumbar support and mesh backrest and also look for if the chair has synchro tilt mechanism or not. These few features are really important for an office chair to have.

Add some beautiful décor

Having a good interior décor for you home office is equally as important as getting important appliances. A good décor will help you stay motivated to work every day. Even though your office will be in your home your work desk does not have to be blank. Adding some small beautiful decorative pieces for your desk will help you get a good work vibe which will eventually help you stay motivated and focused. In addition to that add some small plants which will help you create a calm and fresh feel in your work space.

Introduce good quality Light

For good home office good quality light is really important. Both natural light and electric are really important. A good illuminated workspace is no doubt the best looking every time. Try to place your work table in front of a window so that you can get some natural day light as well as fresh air too. The natural light will not only help to brighten up your room but also it will help you during your office video calls as well. We all know that natural light works really well for video call purpose.

And some RGB lights in your room which you can simply control with your smartphone. Based on your mood you can set the light brightness level and colors as well.