5 Simple strategies to make your holiday season more enjoyable

While the holiday season is meant to be a time of family, friends, warmth and gatherings that’s not always the case for many of us.   All too often the holidays bring up many feelings and emotions that cause us to feel anxious, inadequate, rushed, overwhelmed, and stressed.  We get stuck holding this vision of what we want the holidays to look like.  We want it to be perfect, then we start creating the long list of unrealistic expectations. In our quest to create the perfect holiday experiences for our friends and family all too often we’re left feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, disappointed and strapped.  What if this holiday season could be different?  Wouldn’t it feel great to take the pressure off and to be able to enjoy the holidays? Here are 5 Great strategies for shifting out of your holiday overwhelm. 1 Get organized.  Create a to-do list and get it out on paper so that you can see it.  Once your to-do list is out of your head you’ll feel a little lighter. Having your list down on paper will allow too track your progress and check items off. There’s nothing better than crossing items off your list, it will give you a sense of accomplishment.  Even it’s the smallest task you’ll feel like you’re making progress. 2. Schedule Block out time in your calendar to complete your tasks.  Don’t leave your tasks up to chance, when we take the time to schedule in our activities they get done.  My best tip is to set time perimeters around each task.  Instead of wandering around the mall aimlessly all day Saturday trying to get all your shopping done, try blocking out a 3 hour section.  For example Saturday 1 – 4 pm Holiday Shopping. When you add timelines you actually get more accomplished!  You’ve also just freed up the rest of your day. 3. Ask for help!  Sounds easy right? Wrong, many of us put too much pressure on ourselves to create the perfect holiday experience for our loved ones. This can create a sense that if we’re not the ones in charge handling all the details, it’s not going to be good enough.  Holidays are about enjoying your time with friends and family, it’s not about burning yourself out trying to create holiday perfection.  It really is ok if you give up some of that control.  After all isn’t the holiday about bring people closer together? 4. Don’t Forget the Self Care It’s easy to forgot about taking care of ourselves when were so busy running around trying to take care of everyone else. Make sure to add some personal time into your schedule.  This doesn’t have to take a long time, but everyday do something for yourself whether it’s a stop at your favourite coffee shop for a treat or a 30 minute bubble bath at the end of your day.  Give yourself the opportunity to unwind. 5. Keep Things in Perspective Whenever I’m starting to feel stress, anxiety or any kind of overwhelm creeping I stop and ask myself this question.  If I don’t get this done what is the worst thing that will happen?   The answer is almost always life will carry on.    Try not to make the situation out to be way bigger than it needs to be. Let’s face it we’ve all forgotten to buy that last present or make that extra desert.  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve forgotten the cranberry sauce. No one normally even notices, and even if they happen too notice, they survive! I hope these strategies help you to create a more joyful holiday experience! Nicole Michalski For more great strategies on how to bust through stress and anxiety click the link below! http://igniteyourpurpose.ca/anxiety-strategies/


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