Where your focus is, there shall you go.  If your INTENTION is to get totally healthy, then your focus should be on healthy things.  If all you are focusing on and worrying about are all the things that are not right in your life (fear and unhealthy), you will continue to have an unhealthy and fearful life.

Instead of focusing on “lack, not enough good things going on” you should be focusing on “the positive things in your life that you can draw strength from”.  No matter “how bad you think things are”, if you shift your focus and look for the positives, you will find them.

Assess the Condition of Your Mind

  1. Are you thinking that there are too many obstacles to overcome (FEAR)?
  2. Or are you thinking let me focus on my strengths and take it from there (LOVE)?

Positive Steps You Can Take Consistently Daily

  • 5-10 minutes of daily prayer or meditation, which gives you time to regain clarity (clear your mind)
  • Have clarity about your intention for each day, which allows you to remember and reset your mind to focus on love (positive/health/good)
  • Focus on your strengths (positives), make a list if you need it as a reminder
  • B.R.E.A.T.H.E., step back from the situation literally and figuratively: look up and inhale slowly shifting out of fear (panic/stress) and c.a.l.m.l.y. back to love (peace and your positive intention for today)

One Intention You Can Set Daily & Keep

“I will choose actions that lead to my positive growth; I will believe, feel, think, and act in ways that strengthen me, rather than ways that break me down”.


  • You woke up this morning
  • Your loved ones (family & friends)
  • Your abilities/gifts/love
  • The things you take for granted (food, shelter, oxygen & water)

The first step to shifting your focus from fear to love is to be grateful for the gifts that you have been given (what you have right now).


  • You have love and support in your healthy relationships
  • You are valued and appreciated by at least two people

The second step to shifting your focus from fear to love is to feel and appreciate the love you have always had.


Believe by shifting your FOCUS on what you already have. When you focus on what you have, you begin to appreciate the gifts that you have been given.  You can now clearly see new ways of using those gifts.  Your creative energy flourishes as you in love have opened your mind, heart, and soul to the opportunities for growth.

Believe that you have always had ENOUGH. When you believe there is enough, you are living from a place of love and abundance, which allows you to give freely.

Believe you are STRONG enough to overcome the downs of life. When you believe you are strong, you will act from a place of strength. You will be humble instead of arrogant and prideful.   

Believe and trust that there is ALWAYS A WAY. When you believe there is always a way, you will be confident in your approach and not be swayed by the “naysayers”.  Always choosing to act in love, you will be patient as you continue to consistently do honest work.

The third step to shifting your focus from fear to love is to believe in the power of your love.


  • Share a smile, or a hug if it is appropriate.  By your actions you let someone know you appreciate them, you see them, they matter, and you hear them.
  • Speak words of love, “Good morning, you look beautiful today”.  Think how I can help instead of “What’s in this for me?” Give comfort, love and encouragement.

The last step involved in shifting your focus from fear to love, is to behave/act in ways that reflect your gift of love.

With clarity, appreciation and love, you are mindful that you need to patiently listen and yield to the wisdom of your strong mind (C.A.L.M.L.Y.)