The holidays are rapidly approaching and with it comes the stress of shopping for the perfect gift. Finding a gift that will really signify some meaning can be a daunting task. For one thing, you have to really know the person you’re shopping for in order to give them that one special gift they will truly treasure.

Instead of sticking to the basic, mindless gifts of jewelry, sporting gear, or candy this year, spend a few extra minutes thinking about a gift that will truly bring some meaning to the person(s) you’re shopping for this season!

3 Easy Tips to help aid in finding that perfect meaningful gift:

1. Look for a gift that invokes a special memory. We all have them, and seeing a daily reminder of a meaningful, special event in one’s life can be a great gift that will help bring smiles to him or her each day! Pick up a book with beautiful travel photos of a gorgeous and fun travel destination he visited, to help him remember the wonderful memories from his travels. Pick her up some of the same flowers you had on your wedding day with a card telling her about your favorite memory from that wonderful day, or a holiday item that reminds him of your first Christmas together.

2. Look for a gift that shows love. A gift is pretty easy to make more meaningful when you attach it to love. Show your loved ones how much you love them this holiday season by picking up gifts that convey how much you truly care. Gift a gift that supports a cause dear to his heart. Is she super busy and lacking time in her life to do the things she most enjoys? Give her the gift of time, and offer to run some errands for her, watch the kids, or help her with a time-consuming project.

3. Buy a gift that addresses his or her passion. Points if you can find a gift that involves more than one of their passions! We all have things we like but if you know someone well, you know there are one or two things that really make them tick. It’s these things they are truly passionate about and giving a gift that fits his or her true passion will be a gift they will truly love and cherish this holiday season.

Maybe you have a fashionista on your list who also loves animals. To really nail this gift on the head, look for fashion brands like Ivory Ella that also help save animals! This unique, one-of-a-kind clothing line has made elephants their passion and focus. You can find tons of chic fashion items here, everything from chic pajamas and tees, to hoodies, beanies, jewelry, blankets and more! Each representing elephants and supporting the cause to save them! A gift of style and something she can be proud of will be truly treasured by the recipient on your holiday list who has a passion for giving back too!

Gift-giving can be made much easier when you just take a few minutes out of your day to really think about something special to the person you’re gifting and then simply plan a gift around it. It can be as budget-friendly or as extravagant as you want, just as long as the gift has attached meaning, remember the price doesn’t really matter.