Offering support to someone with mental illness can be emotionally draining. It gets to a point where you give up, even though you tried to remain positive.

Seeing a person upset creates a very uncomfortable situation. This is because you can’t understand why he or she is angry.

Sometimes you may feel that the person is taking advantage of you; causing anger with the person. So, is it normal to feel angry with people suffering from mental illness? Yes, it is, but you have to show them love always.

Here are some few tips on how to love someone with mental illness;

Show Compassion

In today’s world, people will only sympathize with you if your condition is the worst. They will make you feel bad; they’ll state that others are going through worse.

Showing empathy to a person with mental illness shows that you feel their pain, and you are sorry for what they are going through, but you can’t just ease that pain.

Acknowledge that you know what they are undergoing. This helps them accept the feeling and move on.

Learn the Symptoms

There are different types of mental illness, and each type has its specific signs and symptoms.

To be supportive of your friend or loved one, try to understand more how these symptoms affect them. For example, people suffering from anxiety disorder have a hard time concentrating which irritates them. Learning the signs will help you understand their moods better.

Be a True and Patient Friend

People suffering from depression may not take things lightly. Do not say things that will hurt them because they will get angry for something you thought was petty.

At their difficult moments, they need a true friend who will sit with them and share with them the pain that they are undergoing. Please be tolerant with them because it’s not their fault to be at that state.

Avoid Taking Things Personally

If you notice that your friend is withdrawing from the fun activities you used to do together, ignore the feeling that he or she may be avoiding you.

If he or she canceled your trip in the last minute, ignore that! It’s not about you. Visit her and show her that you can still have fun indoor, maybe watching a movie.

Build a Support Network

Encourage your depressed friend or loved one to seek outside support. No one can support his or her own burden.

To show love, build a community around you and your friend. This will make them feel good knowing that they are not secluded.

True love is so complicated, and so is loving someone with mental illness. Some may wonder what’s the point of going through all that.

Depression puts a strain in any relationship, and for this reason, most of them do not survive. Remember that mental illness does not make them different from other people. Do not make them feel like monsters when they are not.