Just saying ‘I Love You’ to your partner might not work. Sometimes, you need to put smart effort to make your partner feel loved and appreciated. You must be wondering that Candlelight dinners, flowers, luxury dates are the best way. But you are a little wrong here, my friend. Even small efforts and little things every day can make your partner feel content. 

You just need to know what works best for your partner as every person is not the same. Being connected emotionally with your partner is what you need at first and the most. Read below to find out ‘How to show your partner how much you appreciate them’- 

  1. What Makes People Feel Loved? 

Studies have found out that people tend to feel loved in the simplest, everyday scenarios. 

Most loving gestures considered by people are spending quality time with their partner and showing compassion in tough times. Most of the time, behavioral actions are considered to be the strongest indicators of love. 

Furthermore, every individual’s love needs vary. Someone might find small gestures signs of love while for another person physical touch is their love language. Here are a few examples- receiving a gift, being cuddled, being confided in, spending quality time, receiving a compliment, or showing compassion in difficult times. 

You must not take your and your partner’s preferences to be the same for granted. It is best to communicate your partner’s love needs. It will bring curiosity, your partner will feel heard, and obviously, you will be able to understand each other much better. 

  1. Find out your Partner’s Love Language 

There are 5 basic love languages known to man. These are the five ways that people speak and understand emotional love. Chapman, in his book 5 love languages referred to these- 

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Spending quality time with a partner
  3. Receiving gifts
  4. Performing acts of service
  5. Physical touch

How to find Primary Love Language

Answer the following questions to find out the primary love language of your partner and yourself.

  1. What your partner does, or fails to do, that hurts you the most? The opposite of this might be your love language. 
  2. What have you mostly demanded your partner to do? The thing that you most often asked your partner to do can be the thing that you love the most. 
  3. How do you express love to your partner regularly? Your method of expressing love might be your love language. 

You can actively start communicating love to your partner once they confirm their primary love language. 

If you are stuck with ideas, let us help you out- 

  1. Words of Affirmation- Write a letter to your love, use words to tell them how much they mean to you. 
  1. Spending Quality Time- Ask your partner, 5 activities they enjoy the most. Do each activity every coming month with your partner and make them feel loved. 
  1. Receiving Gifts- Get a notebook and every time your partner mentions a liking, note it down. When you need to get a gift, this notebook will be your savior. 

There are plenty of gifts that you can choose for your partner. It could be flowers, clothes, jewelry, chocolates, gadgets, and basically whatnot. Do you know what stands out the most, when talking about gifts, it is personalized gifts. 

Your partner will love something unique which will be your symbol of love. Customized t-shirts are a big hit for the past few years. Get romantic t-shirts for yourself and your partner and wear them together while going out of even lounging at home. Personally designed clothing can have your favorite illustrations, quotes, and even your pictures together. Whenever your partner will look at your gifts, it will tell them how much you love them. 

There are plenty of couple t-shirts available which are designed by online professional graphic designers. Keep your partner’s likes and dislikes in mind while selecting awesome t-shirts for them. 

  1. Acts of Service- As your partner, if they could do some act of service, and now you know what to do. For instance, wash their car or do the dishes for them.
  1. Physical Touch- for this one, give your partner a hug whenever possible, cuddle with them. You need to do everything extra when your partner feels low. This is how you will lift up their mood. 
  1. Small Things Often

You should not think of communicating in love language as a one-time act. It needs to be done every now and then to make your partner feel loved and appreciated. Small actions every day will strengthen your bond a lot than you wonder. 

Follow the ‘small things often’ principle and use it for your partner. Take small moments out of your day and be extra nice to your partner. Kindness will make your partner feel loved, validated, and appreciated above all. Putting effort regularly in acts of kindness for your love will strengthen your relationship for life. 

  1. Celebrate Your Partner’s Wins 

Supporting your partner through difficult times is considered most important by most people. But it has been seen in research that the way you react in good times has an even more powerful impact on your relationship.

Connect with your partner over a piece of good news and share each other’s joys. You must be the strongest cheerleader and supporter of your partner. 

If your partner just got a promotion, here are 4 ways you can respond- 

  1. Passive destructive response- This means you ignore the good news. You might even answer with something totally unrelating with you being the center. 
  2. Passive constructive response- in this case, you acknowledge good news but do not respond full-heartedly. You may say, ‘that’s great, and continue with your own work. 
  3. Active destructive response- This means your response will decrease their joy. Like you ask them ‘wouldn’t it be difficult for you to handle that role’? 
  4. Active constructive response- In this case, you stop your own work and engage happily and wholeheartedly with your partner’s joy. You ask them to celebrate or when they are starting. 

Making these little efforts for your partner is better than doing over-the-top things for your partner. After all, getting emotionally connected is what we crave the most.