Make The Difference You Were Born To Make By Making The Decision

So you’ve questioned whether your business idea is good enough..

You’ve questioned your craft, your worth, your value.. Yet, at the same time know there’s something really special about you.

You know you have something to share with the world; you know you’re different. (it’s okay, we’re being humble here). You know there’s ‘more’ and it keeps rehearsing in your mind; you have a bunch of ideas and you’re not sure where to even start.

Maybe the thought has crossed your mind that someone else is already doing what you want to do. I’ll get into that.

I’m here to tell you a quick, personal story.

I started my business without anyone knowing; I’m very serious. I was in a dark place, yet, I kept finding the light and that’s what got me where I am today.

I knew there was something I was looking for, something I was seeking.. Yet, for a while, I kept looking on the outside, filling my days with short-term pleasures to distract myself from what was really going on.

I didn’t know anyone who had these “crazy ideas” but I later learned — what was crazy was me not going after my dreams and letting them die in my heart.

Point is, I kept everything to myself because I knew I would crack if one person shared their negative perspective or worries around me starting something I believe in, wholeheartedly.

Otherwise known as, “no security, not safe, no stability”.. 

Now known as, freedom, purpose and fulfillment.

So no one knew until I started posting about it. At the time, I didn’t know what would happen, I just knew my intentions and the deeper purpose around what I was building.

I didn’t know where to start.

What I wanted to do (exactly),

Where I wanted to go.

How to get there.

However, I did know why, and that’s all I needed.

So let’s start there. 

Lately, I’ve been having more and more conversations with people about starting a business, and the top four common questions or ‘blockages’ I’m receiving are:

  1. I’m not sure how to start or “where do I even start?”
  2. I’m trying to figure out what to do, I have so many different ideas
  3. There’s no security.
  4. I’m worried about what others will say

1. Not Sure How To Start or Where To Even Start

Well first, we need to know where we’re going. Once we know where we’re going and what we’re aiming towards, then we can figure out the way to get there.

If you’re in a foreign country or in a place you’re not familiar with, you’d have to put in a location for the destination you’d like to go to. The same goes for your life. If you do not consciously choose your life, you will end up somewhere else.

Step 1 is making the decision.

Make the decision and commit to it leaving no other option. (Yep, that means no plan B)

If you want to start a big-hearted business, not some short-term cash infusion, you have to commit to it and show up for that big heart of yours. I’m talking about a business that makes a difference in peoples lives, your life and in the world. This is long-term success, fulfillment and building something sustainable with heart. 

When you’re not sure how to start or where to start, first decide on where you want to go. Then, you can figure out the steps you need to take to get there. Also, Entrepreneurship is very fulfilling, however, it isn’t just rainbows, flowers and sunshine. There are storms like everything and anything else — you will face challenges regardless of the path you take, so you might as well do it by doing something you love. 

Remember. Following every storm is light. Where there is light, darkness cannot co-exist so shine that beautiful light of yours.

2. “Trying To Figure Out What To Do, I Have So Many Different Ideas”

Submission Question: “I’m trying to figure out what I want to do. I feel like I know but then I don’t”

When attempting to figure out what you want to do, eliminate the thought of income. I understand you have to make money but that should not be the deciding factor, the decision driver. What is the point of starting a business if it’s not something that you love, that you’ll enjoy, something you get excited about and get to spread love with? That’s the whole purpose!

In my life’s work, it’s all about intention and bridging the gap between the old way of living and the new way of life; redefining what it means to be a Leader of Light aka Business Owner. Being a Leader of Light is someone that is shining their inner light through their business into the world, so ask yourself:

“What do I enjoy doing?”

“What do I do that lights other people up?”

“If time, money, and energy weren’t an issue–it wasn’t part of the factor, what would you do?”

Here’s the thing, there is a beautiful balance between what lights you up and what lights other people up; there’s a beautiful harmony and the way that those two dance together, and the only way to figure that part out is to experience more so you know what you like versus what you don’t like. 

Quick Exercise:

  1. What’s your favorite food? (and actually answer this)
  2. What’s your least favorite food? (and answer this one, too)

Did you try A? Did you try B? Yes, and that’s how you’re able to see what you enjoy versus what you don’t enjoy so continue ‘taste-testing’.

Have you ever heard the saying, “it’s not work if you love what you do”? I believe in this wholeheartedly and, yes, it’s possible. All of it. Maybe not all at once, but every single desire and dream that has crossed your heart and mind is possible.

[at the end of this article, you have the option to listen to the live-coaching audio training and the PDF to walk you through my Inside-Out Method to create anything you want in life and gain more clarity on the path ahead and how to get there]

how to start a heart-centered, conscious business

3. Is There Security? Is It Safe? Is There Stability?

Yes, yes, yes.. And another yes as a bonus.

Know The Outcome!

I understand we have bills to pay and a lot of us, including myself, put ourselves into deeper debt to start (and scale) this thing. For me, it wasn’t because I started the business. I wasn’t making the best financial decisions throughout my life and being an entrepreneur has given me the opportunity to learn more than I ever thought was possible especially around finances.

Yes, there are risks; there are also rewards. #rewarding it’s rewarding

Yes, there are challenges and with challenges are opportunities.

Yes, there are sacrifices you’ll have to make; there’s also freedom, purpose and fulfillment behind stepping into the unknown of it all. 

There is a lot of noise in our inside world (aka our mind) and the outside world (our everyday lives). This is the exact reason why I believe in the Inside-Out Method. It has helped me and hundreds of entrepreneurs create anything they want from the inside-out.

Figure Out A Financial Plan

In my coaching experiences, I call this “The TIP” otherwise known as “The Impact Plan” and with this, we figure out your impact plan (financially and giving back).

If you’re a numbers person and want more insight:

  1. 1:1 – (20) Clients, Throughout The Year at $5k = $100k
  2. Group Coaching – (15) People Per Round at $1497, 5x a year = $112k
  3. Digital Course, (50) people

There is money to be made, but please, do not make your decisions based on the income. It will bring you right back to where you started. With this, make sure each of your offers whether it’s free or paid is filled with transformation, value and love.

Continue serving — continue serving — continue serving — continue sharing value.

I promise, where you end up is so much more beautiful than you’ve ever imagined, and you will find security in that. Remind yourself of your decision every single day. 

4. “Worried About What Others Will Say”

Here’s the thing. People are always going to have something to say, regardless of what you do. To learn more about how to set boundaries and how to, kindly, not hold space for those conversations in another article.

Whether you have people cheering you on or thinking you’ll fail, none of it matters; what matters is what that heart of yours is saying.

What is your heart saying?

What is your soul saying?

Tune up the volume of your own inner voice. 


This five step process was inspired by my own journey and is now shared, tested and proven by hundred of heart-centered entrepreneurs.

I would, often, get stuck and not know which way to turn. I found myself in patterns that no longer served the path I was on and had so many questions. I, then, looked even deeper to finding all of the answers — on the inside.

I needed to learn how to trust myself, accept myself, forgive myself, love myself and show up for myself. I started to study myself and discovered parts of myself I never knew existed. If you would like step-by-step guidance, you can listen to this episode from a recent live event in New York City or download the FREE bundle below.

In the free bundle, you will receive:

(1) Guided Meditation

(1) The Inside-Out Training

(1) PDF Workbook (aka The Impact Sheet)

When accessing the Inside-Out Bundle, please have a journal, pen (and highlighter, if you get down like that) nearby to answer the questions. You can download the fillable PDF for FREE, here.

If you have questions, please contact us via email. We love connecting with big-hearted changemakers. Keep shining your light.