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Starting a day with full of motivation seems all but impossible when life does not go according to plan. Every day seems like hell, the ball of anxiety hurts in the pit of your stomach, desperation mounts up and you eventually end up losing your spirit.

Getting up late or spending a couple of minutes on social media in the beginning of the day may have a bad impact on your whole day. However, early wakeup cannot help you feel motivated if the root of your desperation is poor finances

When you feel the pinch, you are likely to think about guaranteed loans. They can help you tide over, but cannot help you get back the lost spirit. Problems never stop chasing people. Life is full of hurdles. You have to be positive in every circumstance.

Motivation is not an external force. It is energy lies inside you that releases when you set your brain on a positive mode. Here are some ways ti start you day with positive energy:

Make sure you have a good night sleep

Morning hours cannot be relaxing and light if you have not slept well a night before. Medical experts suggest that you should sleep eight hours. Sometimes you go high to forget your sorrow and waste crucial sleeping hours in drowning alcohol. Dizziness and hangover have their claws gripped on you and the entire day gets ruined.

If you have any problem, you should figure out a solution and do your best as much as possible to get it under control. Not every time it is possible to have a solution to the problem, so you do not need to overthink about it. Face the reality instead of running away from it. Overthinking about your problems will escalate your stress causing trouble to have sound sleep.

Start your day with ‘why’

Before you jump out of your bed, ask yourself a few positive questions like ‘Why am I happy today?’, ‘What am I happy about today?’, ‘Why am I so excited?’ Doing this every morning may seem silly, but this is the best way to keep yourself from raking up bad things of your life. To spend whole day motivated, it is paramount that you stay positive. Have a positive mindset. Prevent yourself from thinking about negative things.

Think about your achievements

As the dawn breaks, you are likely to think about your poor financial condition, breakup, or something else. You may slog you off that you failed to prevent your account from being the red, that you are not good enough with spending.

Life sometimes throws you a curve ball. You cannot have a situation under control all the time. It may be painful but you can mitigate it by thinking about your achievements instead of blaming you.

If finances are the cause of your desperation, you should think that ups and downs are part of life and you are not alone who has been facing tight financial condition. If you are unhappy due to stagnancy in the progress of career, you should look back to your achievements. For instance, what you did to contribute to the growth of the company, which award you have obtained from your employer etc.

Make a list of your achievements and losses. This is a great tool to keep yourself happy. Keep a list of your achievements on the nightstand and take a look at it every morning before you get out of bed.   

Do something that makes you happy

Multiple studies have suggested that happiness is associated with job performance, personal life and your health. Dedicate your morning hours to what you like whether it is reading a chapter of a novel or a newsletter or cooking food. Doing what makes you happy releases dopamine that keeps you motivated and energetic. In fact, making a scrumptious sandwich can help you feel happy. If you dedicate your personal time in doing what you like, you are likely to stay more motivated and ecstatic than ever.


Meditation is the best way to keep you from negative energies. It evokes a sense of satisfaction and pleasure. If you meditate every morning, you will stay from negative energies and thoughts. It helps reduce headache, stress and negative thoughts.


Starting a day with positive energies is paramount if you want to balance between personal and work life. Follow a good routine and try to stay away from negative thoughts and atmosphere. If you are surrounded by positive and jovial people, you will likely stay happier. Meditation, yoga, exercise, good diet and good night sleep will make you healthy, but at the same time, you will have to control over your thought process. Try to think positive. If you keep thinking about negative things, you will never be able to feel motivated and exuberant, no matter how perfectly you follow your daily routine.