If you are not getting what you want from life and are beginning to wonder why, then maybe now is the time to start taking action.  By asking this very question you are already taking the first step in the right direction.  Are you tired of being on the wrong side of the ‘have and have nots’? 

Getting what you want from life or pursuing your dream is not selfish. It won’t necessarily be easy to achieve either but anything worth having shouldn’t be.  Dreaming about the life you want will only take you so far you have to develop the right mindset and take appropriate action.

Not Getting What You Want

Feelings of low self worth often lead us to believe that we are unworthy of a thriving career or a loving relationship.  If you believe that good fortune is something that only ever happens to others but not to you, then you also believe that the ability to sort it lies outside your own control. 

We all receive messages from many outside sources telling us to be nice, well behaved and satisfied with mediocrity. 

Not asking for what you need or apologising for what you want comes across as a complete lack of confidence.  Jealousy is also a complete waste of time and energy, don’t sit back and be bitter. Negativity is disempowering you need to start using positive language to yourself and others.

Those That Have

No matter what it is that you want, there is likely someone out there that has already achieved it.  Find out what they did to be successful in getting what they wanted. 

Study their behaviour, implement what you are learning, don’t just sit back put this knowledge to good use.  Take action, change existing behaviours.  If you don’t change something then nothing will change. 

Be focused and set goals, nothing will just happen unless you make it happen.  Utilize all your skills.  Start to accept responsibility – when you stop blaming circumstances for things not going your way the more proactive and motivated you will become.

Positive Action

Beginning to see your dreams and desires as a reality can help you on your way to achieving your goals. Start to identify your aims and objectives and be persistent. 

See your new venture as your future and it will help you stay on course.  Almost all goals are tied to finances, career, health and relationships.  If you can’t bring yourself to jump in head first then start by dipping your toe in the water, learning as you go.

If you feel stuck in a dead-end job you can start to improve your money-making skills while you are still there. 

Consider how will getting what you want help someone else, you can use their benefit as your selling point.  Be grateful for any help you receive along the way and communicate your gratitude, people like to help others. Make yourself invaluable, be a true asset. 

By working hard you will become an expert in your field and this in turn will build you a great reputation.  Always keep an open mind, be dedicated and consistent and remember the ultimate currency in life is always happiness.