No matter where you are in life, you’ll find that you have almost limitless potential. People can achieve pretty much anything they put their mind to, and you’re certainly no exception. The real trick is figuring out how to change your mindset and learn to maximize that potential. That’s what self-improvement is really all about. It’s about growing becoming the person you always had the potential to be. To achieve the life you’ve always wanted, you have to be willing to change, adapt, and never stop growing. Personal improvement is a lifelong journey, but like any journey, it starts with a few key first steps. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips to set you on the path to your own personal development.

Start with a Blank Slate

Every building needs a foundation, and every personal development journey needs to start with a blank slate. What does this mean? It means taking an honest and open look at yourself, recognizing your flaws and failures, and releasing them. Everything that you’ve done so far has been in the past. For you to improve yourself and take those steps forward, you have to look to the future. As you work on your personal development, your mindset and the way you look at the world are going to change. You need to wipe your slate clean and think of yourself as a blank canvas so you can truly move forward with your life.

Change Your Mindset

There’s a theory that says every person in the world can be put into two categories: those with a fixed mindset, and those with a growth mindset. If you have a fixed mindset, that means your image of yourself and your skills is static. People with this kind of mindset feels like their skills and abilities are innate and they should just focus on what they’re already good at. This can be very comforting! However, it’s not really conducive to personal development. What you want is a growth mindset. People with this mindset are eager to grow and expand their knowledge while developing new and better skillsets. You’re capable of so much more than you might think, and accepting a growth mindset is the best place to start.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Once you’ve accepted your growth mindset, it’s time to say goodbye to your comfort zone. It’s important to keep in mind that just wanting to change isn’t actually enough by itself. You have to be willing to go out and make that change happen. Don’t just sit around waiting for life to come to you. Everything you’ve ever wanted is out there, so you need to step up and grab it. Sometimes, that means stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things. New things lead to new people and new opportunities, and you might just discover something about yourself at the same time. Try to think outside the box. Hell, just throw the box away – you don’t need it anymore.

Set Realistic Goals

Once you follow the first few steps, you’ll start to notice changes right away. You’ll feel better, more confident, almost invincible. Ready to go out there and change your life. That’s great! But now it’s time to inject just a little reality into the situation. You can absolutely achieve anything you set your mind to, but that doesn’t mean you can achieve it all at once. Focusing on huge and nebulous goals is a great way to set yourself up for failure and disappointment. Instead, start with what you know you can achieve from where you are. Take a few baby steps before you reach for the stars. Then, once you’ve picked up some momentum, start thinking bigger. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, so it will take a little time for you to achieve the biggest goals on your list. Start with some smaller, more achievable ones first.

Keep Yourself Motivated

Anyone who’s ever taken a road trip knows that no journey is without obstacles. There will be times when you feel lost, or frustrated, or just plain unmotivated. That’s perfectly normal, and by no means is it a reason to give up. Finding ways to stay motivated is one of the most important parts of personal development. Firstly, try keeping your goals in mind when you’re feeling unmotivated. Remember what this is all for! You can also lean on the people in your life a little when you need motivation. Your friends, family, partner – they all want to help you, and you can always use them for motivation if you need it. If you need a major boost of motivation, you can always try going to see some conference speakers. It might seem a little cheesy, but these people are professionals and they know exactly how to stay motivated, probably better than anyone else.

Consistency is Key

The journey of personal development is a marathon, not a sprint. You’re never going to reach a point where you’re “done.” There will always be some new skill to develop, or a new piece of knowledge to learn or some new personal achievement you’d like to reach. This is a lifelong process, and having a true growth mindset means knowing that your personal journey only ends when your life is over. With that being said, it’s important to not burn yourself out too early. You can’t just rush through everything in a few days and rest on your laurels. You need to be willing to make small steps every single day and stick to that path. Everything is achieved one step at a time, and consistency is the only way to make sure you keep making progress.

There’s a lot more to personal development than just those six steps. It’ll be up to you to find your own path. However, these tips provide a great foundation for you to build your own success on. Just take it one day at a time, one step at a time, and you’ll be surprised at how far you can go.


  • Michelle has a masters in human psychology and a diploma in biology. She is actively involved in writing about the health and lifestyle issues faced by people. She has been helping people in building a healthier lifestyle and has been working with non-profit organizations for almost a decade.