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Start each morning by Awakening your own Inner Power. When you increase the levels of Love in your Heart, your entire Life Transforms.

— Nara Lee

Morning, is the start of not only a brand new day, but of a brand new life, a brand new future. If we can anchor ourselves in the present moment and remember that the past, no longer exists, the future also does not exist, it means that all we have is the day to which we have woken up to.

But what happens in most mornings? Do you start your morning doing things that feed your soul, make you smile, and fuel you, or do you start your mornings rushing towards something, because you are thinking of the future? Or perhaps do you do the opposite, and can barely get out of the duvets? And when you do get out of bed, what do you do?

I learned one important technique that I now follow religiously: and that is, to work on myself first before I work on anything else. This is important because whatever work we do, or whomever we meet with and have an interaction with, or even any single decision that we take in life, starts from us. No matter where we go, or what we do, we are the common denominator. And thus it only makes sense that we start our mornings, with ourselves first, and then we can show up in the world from a centered place of giving and sharing from a place of fulfillment and love, rather than showing up, seeking to be completed and fulfilled by anything external.

So how exactly do you start your morning with power?

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1. Work on your Mindset, first thing in the Morning

When you start your day, you have to start the day by empowering yourself first. 

Empowering yourself, means feeding your mind with Positive Messages, essentially re-programming your mind for success and wellbeing.

Our external world is a reflection of our inner world. Much like a projector, if you want to watch a different movie on the screen, you don’t go to the screen and change it there. You first change the tape. And then you will watch a different movie.

The same is with our lives – we must first change the messages we tell ourselves, about ourselves, so that we can always remember who we are, and act from a place of Strength and Power. This is why affirmations are so powerful, because when you can barely get out of bed, with the right affirmations, you will find the strength. 

And if you feel perfectly normal, and are just going in to say, a sales job, the higher your self-confidence is and the more empowering and positive your self-talk is, the more sales you can do. This has actually been studied, tested and proven.

Everything starts in our Minds. Strengthen your Mind, Strengthen your Life.

You can start with Affirmations of Self-Love or Affirmations of Self-Acceptance depending on how you currently feel emotionally and what you are currently working with. There is no limit as to how much you can love yourselves. It’s a life long job. The more we love ourselves, the stronger we become and the more centered, and anchored we become. We are then ready to face the world from a place of fulfillment, love and inner peace, rather than fear, lack, competition, not enoughness, etc.

2. De-Clutter your Mind

Your mind is like a machine that works 24/7. It simply does not stop. This is why, by the time you finally decide to sit on that meditation pillow, it so hard in the beginning because for almost everyone, the mind is in control. We only become aware of it, the day we actually sit down to meditate, and we find it extremely challenging to still the mind.

Why is “Mind De-Cluttering” important? Because we have “two selves” – we have our Higher Self which brings in Higher Guidance, and we have our “personality self” which most of the times is disconnected for the Higher Self. The Personality Self makes “informed” decisions based on the limited 3D reality that it can see. The Higher Self has a wider view of your entire life. 

Thus when you listen to your disconnected personality self, it can lead you astray. Because it is disconnected from its True Source of Power. So what we want, is to be operating from our Higher Selves. In order to do this, we must quieten the mind, so we can receive and hear the Higher Guidance available to us all.

A great way to de-clutter your mind, is actually writing. You can have a journal and a pen on your bedside table, and as soon as you wake up, you write whatever is on your mind. By the time you are done, you start your day with clarity and more power, rather than starting the day with a scrambled brain.

3. Commit to Doing 1 Thing that Inspires you before 9am.

Everyone I know, has Goals and Dreams. And they also have a list of things they are passionate about, would love to do but never get around to doing it.

I would like challenge you to do just 1 thing everyday that truly inspires you from the heart. Something that feeds your soul. Don’t wait til the end of the day, start your day with this thing.

Why? Because your Happiness Levels will sky rocket. You will enjoy your day much more, and you won’t even look forward to the end of the day, because you have already started your day with Power, by feeding the most important person first: you.

4. Engage in some form of Physical Exercise – in addition to your own Inner Work

The road downhill, starts one day at a time. And the road uphill also starts one day at a time. 

Exercise has benefits not only for your beautiful body, but it also strengthens your mind. Exercise increases the production of serotonin, a critical neurotransmitter found in the brain that is associated with good health and mental well-being, and it acts as a natural anti-depressant by boosting your energy and happiness levels.

5. Write Down and Review your Goals

Review your goals on a daily basis, to make sure that you are on track and that you are really moving in the direction of doing things that are aligned with your Goals. When we fail to do this, we go about the day – one at a time, then weeks, then months, following dreams and objectives that are not even ours. And if you don’t have a goal setting system in place, it’s crucial to have one, if you want to create and live a life that truly fulfills you.

6. Start your Morning with Love

Lastly, but not least, start your morning with Love. Activate and Increase the levels of Love within yourself, and for yourself. From this place of Self-Love, share your happiness, joy and love with other you encounter throughout the day. 

And just in case you wake up grumpy, immediately, think of something you can appreciate, love, and be grateful for, then keep imagining more happy and wonderful things that you love and appreciate. 

Love is a practice, we must exercise consciously, like a muscle. We would think it’s just “normal” – it is, but living on planet earth where people, circumstances, events can quickly move us from our center, it is imperative, to cultivate our Inner Power and Inner Strength on a Daily Basis.

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About the Author

Nara Lee, is a Spiritual Transformational Teacher, Social Entrepreneur and Artist. She helps Women awaken their Inner Power and to tap into their hidden resources to cope with life’s most challenging situations in order to create more Purposeful and Meaningful lives, aligned with their Life Purpose and True Authentic Selves.

She discovered this calling after an incident of domestic violence, in which she almost lost her life. At the time she was living in London and working as CEO of an International Real Estate company. She took time off and embarked on an incredible journey of Self-Healing, Transformation and Empowerment which led her to discover a hidden reservoir of potential and power that we all have but don’t use.

Apart from the Healing and Empowerment work, Nara Lee is also the Founder of Love Luxury Homes, which is a private membership vacation rental marketplace, designed to change the way we live, work and travel, by putting Wellness, Love & Inspiration at the center of everything that we do. You can find out more about her Spiritual and Personal Development work on and on Her Wellness and Travel work can be found on and


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