Whether it’s to study, work or to enjoy, there are enough tricks to stay up all night. Take advantage of all those available hours, stay active, avoid fatigue and welcome the sun with your eyes wide open.

I know it’s hard to fight sleep, but sometimes we just have to. The worst thing that can happen to you is suffering from the desire to sleep through the night, which is why the tricks that I will give you below will rid you of drowsiness.

Tricks to stay up all night

Take a nap

Before starting your hard night’s shift, take a two or three-hour nap. Recharge your energies by taking a good rest that allows you to carry out all the tasks that you propose during the night.

Take a cold shower

Nothing better than showering with cold water. At the same time, it relaxes you, improves your blood circulation, wakes you up and puts you on alert for everything you have to do.

Keep a cool temperature

When you get out of the bathroom, try to keep the same temperature. It is essential that you are not in a cozy environment, do not bundle up too much and stay cool. The warmer you are, the more sleep it will give you.

Warm temperatures promote drowsiness. Turn on the air conditioner at about 21 degrees Celsius, some cold will keep you awake.

Use wakefulness promoting agent

A perfect wakefulness-promoting agent for the modern working world is Armodafinil. It helps you to promote a clear, focused, and creative mind; it also leads to higher productivity, enhanced memory, and mental acuity. Armodafinil doesn’t only benefit your cognitive ability; it also has mood-enhancing properties. If you want to be more productive and creative at work you should take a look at our Armodafinil Guide.

Take snacks

Trying small snacks with protein and healthy carbohydrates will give you the energy you need to stay active. But do not go overboard with the quantities, if you eat a lot, your desire to sleep will increase.

Try to eat yogurt, vegetables, cereals, whole grain cookies, or fruits. Avoid eating products with processed sugar, as your energy increases, it will quickly turn the tables and fatigue will take over.

Have a caffeinated drink

Without a doubt, the king of all-night-awake tricks is coffee. Caffeinated drinks will keep you up all night, but drink in moderation – don’t overdo it. One or two cups every two to three hours are sufficient.

Drink lots of water

Drinking a lot of coffee contributes to dehydration, which can make you feel sleepy. Before that night you plan to stay up, drink water to stay hydrated.

Get organized!

Another one of the best tricks for staying up all night is planning. If you are not sure what you will do every hour that you will spend awake, sleep will win the battle.


If what requires you to be awake makes you sit still, take short breaks to move, walk, and stretch a bit. Let your blood flow, increase your energy and reduce fatigue.

If you can carry out an exercise routine throughout the night, you will recharge your spirits faster. Do butterflies, sit-ups, or lift weights.

Interact with other people

Stimulate your senses, interact with other people, and don’t give your mind an excuse to get bored. Whether it’s physical or texting, staying interested in a conversation is one of the best tricks for staying up all night.

If you follow the tricks your sleep will not be a problem. However, sleeping is not a whim of our body, it is a necessity; the recommended time is eight hours and if you regularly interrupt this pattern, then it will be difficult for you to fall asleep.