Do you want to find more ways to stay connected to those you work with while working remotely?

It can be challenging to keep up with your daily work tasks and communications with members of your team. But to run a business successfully, it’s a must. Clear communication guarantees that everyone is on the same page so you can complete your to-do list and excel in your goals.

Working remotely poses its own challenges, but it doesn’t have to hold you back from exchanging information effectively. Taking the steps to stay connected and committing to it will take you and your team far.

If you want to stay connected to your colleagues while working remotely, here are 4 ways to get started.

Ask Fun Ice Breaker Questions 

As your business grows, you’ll hire and welcome more employees to the team. The bigger it gets, the harder it is to get to know everyone and pay everyone equal attention.

A fun way to get to know the team, and for the team to know each other, is by asking ice breaker questions in the company chat. These questions are optional so no one feels pressured to participate, but they lead to fun conversations and facts about each employee.

It’s important to ask coworkers questions to gain knowledge about them and show interest in their opinions and viewpoints. They’re unique individuals with their own experiences and asking them about their thoughts is a good way to connect with them better.

Set up Regular Coffee or Lunch Chats

Working day in and day out with little to no communication from others can get old fast. While some people might prefer the more quiet benefits that come with working from home, some might find that it reduces their energy and motivation.

As humans, we’re wired to be social creatures and need that connection with others. This is a huge problem that remote workers face, especially when new to the work-from-home environment.

You can invite your team members to join video meetings where they can chat with coworkers over coffee or lunch. They can even work silently while others converse during the call. The point is to break the monotony of everyday remote working and get to know your colleagues better. 

Hold a Contest or Giveaway

A great way to motivate your employees and boost morale is to hold a companywide contest or giveaway. People love winning things for free and your team members are no different. 

If you feel like your team is in a slump or needs a push in the right direction, giveaways are a great way to get them excited and engaged. You can hold a contest for the funniest pet photo or ugliest Christmas sweater in exchange for a gift, for example. As the leader of the company, it’s less about the prize and more about arousing excitement. 

Use a Communication Platform

When working remotely, it’s crucial to have regular communication available throughout your company to ensure the best possible results. You can’t expect team members to complete their tasks without asking questions or needing any assistance, which is where communication platforms come in.

Whether you use Slack or another type of communication platform, it’s crucial to use a messaging system to stay in touch. Whether someone needs an answer to a question or simply wants to let the team know about an update, communication is necessary.

Over to You

If you’re a remote leader looking for new ways to connect with your team, these tips should help you get started. It’s not always easy, but finding new ways to communicate with employees ensures a successful business and happy colleagues. How will you connect with your remote team?