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Staying motivated and keeping your mind fresh at work can be a challenge. For those that find their work to be a bit repetitive and stagnant, it is especially important to find ways to stay inspired at work. With the right strategy, you may be able to reignite your passion for your job and boost your performance. 

Professional burnout is a real problem for workers that don’t take the time to incorporate some self-care into their busy working schedule. It’s not enough to only take care of your needs when you are off the clock. Keeping up your spirits and boosting your self-motivation can help you keep a fresh attitude while you are on the job.

Taking breaks to refresh your mind or soothing your skin down with refreshing flushable wipes are just a few things that can give you a new outlook on your job. Let’s take a closer look at some ways that you can stay fresh at the office.


If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you will be lagging while you are at work. It’s vital to get the rest that you need to be able to perform at your best. Tired brains are not productive, and it can be difficult to focus when you aren’t getting enough sleep. To make sure you are getting quality sleep, you can try creating a sleep routine. Start by setting a consistent bedtime where you start to wind down for the night. Create a welcoming and calm environment in your bedroom, and switch off your electronics. You can try using soft lighting or aromatherapy to help you drift off to sleep quickly.

Healthy Diet

You really are what you eat, and maintaining a healthy diet can help to keep your mind fresh while you are at work. While your office vending machine may be tempting when you are yearning for a snack, eating sugary or fatty foods can bring down your focus and productivity. Try bringing fresh and healthy snacks like fruit or vegetables with a low-fat dip that you can enjoy throughout your day.

Take Breaks

Working your brain to the point of overload will not help you stay on top at work.  To help you stay fresh, you need to take breaks throughout your day. As you complete each task,  take a few moments to let your brain switch gears. Walk around the office, fill up your water bottle, chat with colleagues about the projects they are working on or take a few minutes to get some fresh air. The small break will help you to focus on your next goal and keep your mind fresh.

Standing Desk

Sitting at a desk all day can be exhausting for your body. Sitting can be dangerous for your legs, back, and neck and is not good for your circulation. This type of strain can make you feel tired and stressed. If your job is primarily done at a desk, try a convertible desktop that can be switched into a standing position. Working while standing has been shown to increase creativity and overall job satisfaction.

Take the Stairs

While most workplaces don’t have an onsite gym, there are other ways to get a few moments of exercise activity at the office. When you take your break, head outside and do a few laps of the parking lot. Or, when moving from floor to floor, skip the elevator and take the stairs. Cardiovascular activity will help to increase your circulation, get your heart pumping out “feel good” endorphins, and improve your mood.

Refreshing Wipes

An office environment can be stale and arid. If you find yourself feeling groggy in the late afternoon, you can get a quick wakeup with a disposable wipe. Simply throw a container of wipes in your desk drawer to use whenever you want to freshen up on the job.

Desk Fan

Air circulation is crucial for staying fresh at the office. Large office complexes don’t always have the best air quality to help you stay focused and fresh. If you find your office a bit stale, you can use a small desk fan to help you stay calm and relaxed. The extra airflow will increase your oxygen intake and help you stay focused.

Uplifting Music

The power of music to influence mood and inspire has been studied for hundreds of years. If you find that you have lost some of your inspiration for your job, you can try listening to some energetic or uplifting music while you are at the office. Depending on your job position, you can play a small radio in your office or plug in your air pods to jam out to your favorite tunes to help you stay fresh.

Staying motivated at the office can be challenging when the hours are long and the weekend seems too far off. Try some of these tips to help you stay fresh and on top of your game at work.