How to stay healthy on family holidays

The March endings are done right and it’s time to have some fun. It is a time for long healthy vacation. The vacations are intended to spend quality time with family and friends. Most of the part includes relaxation, heart aching laughter and good cheer. However, it is not easy to plan a holiday as every country has its own demographics, temperature, and traveling experience. This involves a lot of stress, overeating, junk hogging, and holiday road rage alongside the growing temperature, the summer. With so much of problems the question arises, How to stay healthy and fit on family holidays to make your holidays unforgettable?

Here are some effective tips to fully enjoy your vacation and stay healthy:

1. Keep yourself hydrated-

Summers are hot; your body requires lot of water intake. The human body constitutes of 70% water. Apart from that, glucose level comes down when you travel in summers and being on the vacation period you need to maintain your glucose level. So drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated. You can make this more exciting for the children by making fancy mocktails and juices.

2. Relax and stay energetic-

Remember to relax a little. To make holidays meaningful it is necessary to enjoy and have a relaxed approach towards it. Do some light exercise that will keep you fresh to spend whole day with lot of energy and excitement. The Spa and the massage parlor are always best option to revitalize your body.

3. Eating Patterns-

Now when it comes to food and you are on a holiday, it always involves lot of overeating, especially the Junkies. So your first job is to control overeating patterns. Children specifically enjoy Junkies. Try to balance the junk food with healthy one. Carry healthy snacking options with you. Homemade roasted peanuts, dates, sandwich, baked soya chips, almonds, energy bars, etc. You can’t avoid outside food, then be mindful of portion sizes. Follow the basic rule of healthy diet -Always fill half your plate with fruits and veggies. At the best you can enjoy the local cuisine and fresh foods available rather than choosing your own food.

4. Sleep

Holidays are always meant to explore places, which lead you to compromise on sleep. Don’t do that! When your family will have an adequate sleep, the activity you have planned for the respective days will be well executed. Children will be happy and enjoy the vacations. Loss of sleep has also been linked to bad mood, irritations and lower metabolism. It is said good sleep always keeps your mind fresh and delight.

5. Physical Activities-

It is common; we always find reasons to take off from the Gym. Holidays are the best reason for it. If you are compromising on gym then look for sports or recreational activities wherever you are vacating. Hiking, River Rafting, Swimming, trekking, cycling, or a mere walk around can help your family to have some physical movements as well as adventurous experience for the lifetime. You can also opt for family zumba dance classes or aerobics sessions.

6. Avoid Gadgets-

Now in the era of social media, it is difficult to keep yourself away from the techno gadgets such as mobile phones, I-pads, PS-3, Video games, etc. But in holidays, it is important to keep children away from these gadgets as to enjoy your vacations to the fullest. Gadgets always bring in a lot of mental health issues so avoiding them it is better to avoid gadgets. 


I hope the above-mentioned tips will help you to make your vacations mesmerizing and healthy.