It’s the start of a new decade on the edge of a new century, and your health goals should be a priority. Staying active, watching your diet, and taking time to enjoy the better things in life like family and friends can put you on the road to a healthier year.

Stay Healthy

If you have been putting your health on the back burner for too long, now is the time to start getting proactive. Take charge of your health, and take action to change habits, set new goals and get active.

Approaching your health in a preventative fashion can help you get the help you need while issues can be easily addressed. Sign up with a medical clinic that uses healthcare reminder systems to help you keep track of your checkups and appointments. 

If you are serious about putting yourself and your health first as you head into 2020, here are a few ways to keep you on track and in great shape.


The benefits of exercise cannot be understated. Along with increasing your flexibility, strength and strengthening your heart, exercises are also great for your mood and overall well being. Your workout choice is entirely up to you.

Take a daily walk with a friend or your dog. Join an aerobics or cycling class. Or, learn the ancient art of yoga. Whichever activity you choose, you need to do something for at least 30 minutes a day to stay in the best shape.


We are what we eat. Literally. Making wiser and lower calorie choices can make a great impact on your health. When you drop the fatty and high sugar foods out of your diet, you will see results right away.

Your energy levels will rise, your bad cholesterol will start to drop and you might even start losing weight. Always talk to your doctor or dietician before starting any new dieting habits.

Stay Active

Staying active doesn’t mean that you have to work out every day. It’s more about getting out of the house and connecting to people and places. Go to the museum, meet the girls for a drink after work or take a walk in your local park.

Human connection can have a powerful impact on your mood and how you experience life. Be open to meeting new people and surrounding yourself with friends and family that make you feel good and enjoy life.

Practice Self Care

For some reason, we tend to always put ourselves last. The problem is that “you can’t pour from an empty cup”. Stepping back from your busy career schedule and the demands of your family are anything but selfish. 

Take some time just for you on a regular basis, especially when you feel the strain of stress starting to put you on edge. Pour yourself a hot bath and a glass of wine and unwind in the tub. Get a facial. Practice meditation and relaxation breathing. Or, snuggle in and enjoy a good book. Whatever you choose, taking a few moments to take care of yourself will leave you able to give back with more enthusiasm.


As the new decade opens the possibilities are endless. Make this year one for the books and take a proactive stance about your own health. Get into a solid exercise routine, discover the delicious foods of a healthier diet and take care of yourself to help you have the best year ever.