One of the annoying things that can happen when traveling is coming home from a fabulous trip only to find that you’ve gained weight and are coming down with a cold. You’ve spent all this time away and suddenly the stress that has melted away seems to be coming back to smack you upside the head.

Sleep. Chances are that you are going on vacation to get some rest. While sightseeing is fantastic and highly recommended, it’s just as important to make sure you get enough sleep. When you are run down and exhausted you are more susceptible to catching all sorts of unwanted germs.

Move. Okay sure, I get it, it’s tempting to go lie on a beach somewhere and pretend the world isn’t happening around you, but not moving at all isn’t good for you. Just getting up and walking around, seeing some sights, will boost your mood, help control your weight (because surely you’ll be indulging more than usual) and generally give you more energy.

Spoil Yourself. Look, there is a reason you are on vacation, so go ahead and indulge in yourself. Whether it’s being adventurous or going for a deluxe spa treatment, part of taking a vacation is helping rid your body of unwanted and unneeded stress. Let loose and live a little. You never know what wonderful things could happen on vacation.

Eat Well. It’s very tempting to overeat and indulge all the time, but if you do then you’ll likely wind up gaining weight and making yourself sick. You can still eat yummy local food, just do it in moderation and make sure you take a walk after each meal. While you’re at it, make sure that you have some basic medications that you would usually have at home. Getting an upset stomach due to food you aren’t used to sucks. Have something with you so you aren’t stuck scrambling for a pharmacy which might not carry products that you are comfortable with.

Hydrate. So many of us are bad at drinking enough water every day, let alone when on vacation.

The key to a good vacation is balance. Enjoy yourself, live a little, have a drink or several, but try not to overdo it. A vacation only lasts a week or two, so try to make the most of it and come home healthy, re-charged and ready to get on with your life!

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