Pandemic do happen, but try to focus more on being hopeful that you will survive it, and the ideas to survive will be coming your way. This is how the law of attraction works and the universe is a support system to it.

Corona Virus is yet another type of the history unfortunate occurrences, and this one will be history one day, and very soon. So do not panic.

The government of India cares for her citizen and desire the survival of everyone, hence have advised that we all, both the local man and the foreigners, young and the old, to stay at home during this time, so that the work to contain the corona virus outbreak can be effective. The more people gather in large numbers is the more, the virus finds new hosts; hence it becomes uncontrollable.. which nobody wants.

There are ways to stay lively and enjoy this period without getting/feeling bored and the list follows below:

  • First understand that this is a holiday, and not a worry-day:

Although it is themed, “Stay-At-Home,” or “Lock-down,” it is also a type of holiday, but of which we do not want this sort of holiday to re-occur. You still have the option to make this period a resourceful and positive moment, by first changing your mindset to think of it as that holiday that the school management declares and everyone goes home smiling, and it is a privilege to be alive while this holiday passes by. It will help your mind to become very creative and sure suggest you more ways to enjoy your time.

  • Stay Organized, make sure your environment is breathing fresh air:

Even in a normal day to day living in your home, if you stay organized, plan your day, nothing will overwhelm you. And once nothing overwhelms you, then you can be sure of a clear mind to be in control. A man in control does not feel bored, rather he or she feels energized every time.

Look at it this way;

Image 1: organized man who converts his home as office vs his counterpart who is lazy to work it out

If you notice that, the organized man, have everything under control, and he can easily feel the fresh breathe in and around him. His environment is clean and well arranged, hence no need to look up and down each time. He sees this lock down as a normal day in the office with a few familiar colleagues to work with, this time his family.

Unlike the unorganized party, he tends to complain a lot, everything is dirty, his mind is clumsy, nobody and everything is welcomed. He just want to escape this period and run away, but it is still the same home or office that he will run back to. So no time is the best to stay organized and no place to run to, just arrange your home, get things under control and the lockdown will feel as a new town holiday.

  • Get Enough Sleep:

You remember those days you wished you could get enough sleep, but the long day at office never allowed you the opportunity.. yesss! Now you have the time. Do not be like the man, who wished for rest in busy day, but feel sad when the opportunity come, only wishing to go back to the party hall.

Be grateful that you are alive, go back to bed, help your brain to get enough rest, relax your cells, allow your skin to experience new fresh air. It is very ok to be lazy during this period, just wake up, make a cup of tea, and go back to sleep, no alarms, no mama pats to prepare for college, its just a free time to enjoy the cloud under your blanket. Do not loose this opportunity, it may only come again, just at the time you become as rich as Bill Gates, although Mr. Gates does not sleep a lot as you think.

Image: Don’t think too much just sleep too much, it is ok for now!

  • Family Time, No fights, be the peace maker:

Have you ever thought of becoming a lawyer, ok now is the time to be a good one. Be the peace maker in your home, do not allow anybody to fight. The more you fight, the more the stress. A stressed brain is a depressed man, hence a boring day all through.

Image: Indian Father and mother helping their kids to draw (Source: szefei)

Did you notice that your last born baby could draw, may he or she is a great artist, and you never had time for her.. ok that’s fine, no judgements, just make peace with everyone and help out as a the tutor you should have been in a long time.  Avoid any form of fights and you will scale this period with sound mind.

  • Love your work, find out how to convert every aspect of it to work from home:

Have you noticed that almost every type or category of work have a home version of it, except that some of the special equipment may not be at home, just at the factories. That is fine, you can start to do the paper work planning now, within the next few days, you will round up with a lot of market plans and be having multiple alternatives to achieve greater goals.

This is the time to have enough time to discover new ways to beat the reshaping industry, innovatively. For example; what if after the pandemic, and your employees refuse to return to the office, would you close down your company? Obviously no! so it’s a good time to hand out that work manual, duties for your staffs to also continue working from home, while you still remain the boss from the comfort of your dining table. Try it now, and if doesn’t work, at least you tried, no harm and it is in the free time, so you can get back to work soon as you always do. Enjoy!

  • Discover a new Art, everybody have some artistic part of them but may not have paid enough attention to it:

Bill Gates have always been a lover of books, but it is during his long-supposed boring holidays, that he started putting down his thoughts into; Gates Notes.

Well, you can confirm within yourself, there is an expert artist, a superb Vlog producer, an audible podcast creator and even a great content writer. These all have been sitting right there, within you, but you have not had the time to work it out, and not that you can’t, it’s just that, you never had the time.

Image: Do not wait till you get old, start the drawing now!!

So here lays the time in quantum, and a lot of fans with you (the family) to cheer you up even when you make the clumsiest of art work. They will still say, wow! So you could draw as good as this… do some more. Opportunity comes but once, and here is one, don’t wait to create another one.. time waits for no man. Thank you.

  • Read something new, which is not very serious and not really related to your work books, just some casual children stories:

This is not the time to get too serious with work. This is the time to be very flexible, allow that humorous part of you to emerge, read something that is way jokingly, so different, so playful, tell those old stories to your kids before he or she sleeps at night.

Except you are a nerd, who must soak head in your school work book, you can also, pay simple attention to other editorial contents that doesn’t relate to your work, just to give your brain a different kind of vibe. Who knows if this unusual knowledge may be the new wave of the industry after this period.

You may also try to learn a new language, this will take your time, so before you realize it, the whole lockdown period is over. Listen to new genre of music. Watch different type of movies. Turn on those TV channels you always skipped. Just learn something new. If it is new, it will always be worth your time and effort.

  • Spend more time with God than you ever did:

It is time to pray extra 30 minutes. It is time to allow the world of science to breathe and ask your God what is the next step, the solution, your other callings and pay attention, he speaks and will surely talk to your heart with a mild voice.

God deserves praises, so give him extra hours in this time. He is the greatest and will always be the greatest. Do not worry about your religion, your God lives in your heart, so listen to him and ask those questions you have always had, and he will answer you now. We will all make it out strong, and God will be praised at last.