In a world where things are uncertain to say the least, due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we must stay focused. Life will eventually go back to normal and your mental well being must be kept in check. This can be done in a number of simple ways….

Smell- Stocking up on your favourite scents, or have a few varieties. This can really help to lift your day. What we smell, see and touch has a massive impact on our mental well being.

Fresh air- Regular breaks outside, whether in your garden or balcony will be massively helpful, taking the time to breathe in the fresh air and hear the birds sing will help you to feel grounded and grateful for the small things.

Reading. Now is the time to utilise your time and start reading those books that have been collecting dust on your bookshelf for a few months if not years now. Fiction can really help to transport you into another place, which at this moment will be more than helpful.

Learn a new skill. Ok, I know. You’re meant to actually be working, but if you used the time that you would usually spend travelling, you may find that you can fit a lot more in than you first realised.

Take regular breaks as you usually would. Set aside regular breaks and a lunchtime and go and sit in the garden or balcony.

Keep routine – Without routine we can quickly become irritable and even depressed with the lack of focus. Set your alarm clock, schedule your day with a default diary. What can you do each day to stay structured. Feeling like we’ve accomplished something helps with our mentality.

Be grateful – Although it may seem difficult at the moment, its certainly not impossible. Even the smallest of things like a lovely painting in your house, the fact that your children are healthy, that you have supportive friends around you.

Drink plenty of water. Our brains are like sponges and without water can dry up, this also applies to our health. Our minds work best when hydrated.

Exercise- You can use an app or use TV networks to search for exercise classes. Get the whole family involved. There’s no doubt that exercise boosts our serotonin and ultimately makes us feel happier.

Dress up – Dress up as if you were going to the office and get in the mindset of when you would be in the office and when you would be out of it. Staying in your PJs all day may not help.

Date night dinners inside- With or without the kids. This is a nice way to celebrate unity and to keep things special. Put the candles on, dim the lights and get cosy.

Good food- Eating well not only brings us joy but it helps with our well being, so don’t feel the need to eat badly because you’re staying at home.