How do you stay motivated? (The real question is, how don’t you?!)

In order to stay motivated or even be motivated you have to be grateful for what you have. Showing gratitude for the simplest things in life has major health benefits that create the foundation of a positive thought, day and life, keeping you motivated and driven. Now listen, every one experiences ups and downs every now and then, however, if you want to minimize the downs or at minimum limit the amount of time you are down, you need to have a humble perspective to kick you back up and help you sustain your motivation. Gary Vaynerchuk puts it into perspective at a grand scale with 2 facts:

1.     400,000,000,000,000 TO 1 – THOSE ARE THE ODDS OF BECOMING A HUMAN BEING

2.     You’re Going to Die!

Considering the truth behind those two facts, this should motivate the hell out of you! Think about it – there is literally no reason for you not to be motivated, driven and work extremely hard on your personal and professional goals. 

The number one thing that stops people from being motivated and successful is the loss of perspective and not wanting something badly enough. For example, how bad do you want your business to grow? How bad do you really want to lose 20 pounds? How bad do you want to nurture and strengthen your relationship with a love one? How bad do you really want it!?!  It doesn’t matter if your end goal is a professional goal or personal goal, you have to find your drive and work extremely hard –  and in order to do this you have to relentlessly work on your craft, double down on what your great at and what makes you happy so you can build your passion. Passion doesn’t just happen, and this is why people lose motivation.  Passion is built, step by step, tear by tear, failure by failure. So, how do you build and tap into your passion? Let me break it down for you… 

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You build and tap into your passion by channeling your calling in order to create a life you love. And the only way to channel your calling is by constantly doing, experimenting and tinkering with things – being in the constant state of wandering. When this happens, you’re able to simplify what motivates you and gets you out of bed excited. For me, it is creation – I am absolutely obsessed with turning an idea into something real and encouraging others around me to accomplish their goals. This is what pushes me through the tough days in order to stay reliable, focused, curious and energetic enough to build positive momentum for my professional and personal life. 

How do you stay motivated? Comment below.