I get asked often how I stay in high-vibration, continuously achieve new business goals, and have the energy to set my focus on the next ones. If I’m being completely honest, I definitely have my days when that’s the last thing I feel like doing. Yes me, Gina DeVee, motivational speaker, podcast host, and women’s success coach. Sometimes even I fall into the occasional afternoon slump and emotionally “blah” state. 

I notice that often these low-vibes come from being unaware, clenched or rigid. That’s why, in these moments, it’s vital for my happiness and success to pull myself up and back into high-vibration by becoming aware of where I’m at and making myself unavailable to what’s draining me. When I don’t wrong myself for how I’m feeling and commit to a “no excuses” policy, I can quickly shift my focus and rise out of any low vibration.

The question I’m sure you’re asking right now is “but how?!” I don’t have the answers as to why this happens in the first place. Why we lose enthusiasm or fall out of love with the goals we set. However, I do have six go-to steps that can immediately take you through the process of realigning your vision and feeling invigorated again!

  1. Meditate on your vision. By noticing where you are and setting the intention of where you want to be, you can completely revamp your mindset and energy. The one skillset we all have access to is the ability to choose what we focus on. In the moment, envision the complete manifestation of what you desire. What’s one goal, that if it were actually accomplished, would leave you feeling completely elated? Breathe, connect, and relax into it. 
  2. Just get started. When we drop the drama and say YES to our desires, we instantly become focused on our plan to get there. Take just one step that progresses you in the forward direction of your dreams. Remember, any progress is progress! Just getting started can accelerate an avalanche of accomplishment. With each small step you allow the bigger vision to come into alignment. When you keep taking the small steps, eventually the whole dream comes to life. 
  3. Avoid self-sourcing. Delegate as quickly and as intentionally as you can. This is so important to do in order to protect your overall energy and amplify your success. Delegating tasks, hiring support, and asking for help are all key ways to keep yourself out of analysis paralysis and procrastination. 
  4. Say goodbye to third party conversations. The enemy to high-vibe energy is surrounding yourself with low-vibe people. Immersing yourself in gossip, backtalk, and drama will do nothing but weaken your boundaries and have you wasting precious energy on unimportant matters. Stay out of it by changing the course of conversation, maintaining firm boundaries, and refusing to take on other people’s stuff. Be open and honest with where you stand!
  5. Celebrate! Everything you do and every step you take in the direction of your vision is a reason to celebrate! By being in your feminine of passion, receptivity, and play you naturally keep yourself nourished and fulfilled. When we become strict about when we can celebrate, that’s when we burn ourselves out. The process is meant to be enjoyed! Indulge and treat yourself regularly to stay motivated!
  6. Invite Spirit. God, Universe, Source, whatever you believe in, allow it to join you in the process. By inviting in a greater force to support you, choosing love over fear, and releasing all doubts and feelings of unworthiness you will elevate higher.

With these six steps, get ready to tap into divinely inspired success! Feel the excitement and delight that comes with each accomplishment. And allow it all to be fun and easy, as opposed to restricted and rigid. When your mind is free, your heart is open, and your energy aligned, the opportunities will find you more readily. Be open to seeing how the Universe can dazzle you and support your vision in any given moment when you get great at mastering your energetic state!