Staying in shape can be a challenge if you lack the right motivation. You may be able to drag yourself to the gym on a regular basis but, if you are bored with your regular workout, you may find it hard to keep going.


The same workout repeated over and over may be an effective way to keep you in shape, but it might lead to boredom, which can affect your level of motivation. Keeping things new and exciting is the best way to keep at it and stay on track.

Starting out with specific health goals in place can keep you focused. Hiring a personal trainer, getting the right equipment, and mixing up your workouts are great ways to stay motivated and healthy.

Invest In The Right Equipment

Nothing makes you want to tie on your trainers and hit the streets like a new jogging outfit. To maximize your experience it’s important to start with the right equipment. Make sure that your workout gear is right for you and fits properly.

Wear the right shoes for your activity, invest in a bike that is high quality and will hold up on any trail or buy the right yoga mat that will get you excited about your next class.

Focus On Goals

If you are sitting on your couch struggling to get up and on with your regular workouts it can help to focus on your goals. There are many levels of goals that you should set for yourself. Start with small steps so that you can work quickly through each goal and build up your confidence. Your end goal should always be in mind to help you stay motivated.

Make Friends

Working out by yourself is only half as much fun as when you can work out with friends. Sign up for a new class or join an active group to help you make friends with the same interests. Being able to call on a workout friend to help you stay motivated and try new things can make working out much more enjoyable.

Join A Contest

Gyms around the country are always posting contests to help motivate their patrons. If you are struggling to stay on track you can try adding your name to the competition. The increase in accountability can help you to focus on your goals and even intensify your current workouts.

Reward Yourself

Staying healthy is not easy for anyone. When you reach your goals, no matter how small they are it’s important to reward yourself for your achievements. Let yourself enjoy a diet cheat day or take a day off from your regular workouts as a fun reward.


If you are having trouble staying motivated for your regular workouts you might need to change things up a little bit. Trying new activities, new activities and meeting new workout friends can help you to stay on track and get excited again about staying fit and healthy. Invest in the right equipment to boost your confidence, focus on realistic goals, sign up to compete in a weight loss contest and reward yourself for a job well done.