work-life balance

No matter how long discussions take place on work-life balance and its importance. The bitter reality is that TODAY countless people do not have it. Driven by their countless needs in life and competitive world, they are working long hours. In fact, you know many people do two to three jobs together to make their ends meet. You can understand the pain if you are also on the same boat.

The reality is that for many out there, it is not possible to attain a work-life balance at least for coming several years. There may be retirement plans or a limit to work extensively up to an extent/age to live relaxed in the future. However, by that time you need to live with the hectic schedule but with several ways, which can ease your stress.

Eliminate non-urgent tasks from ‘to do’ list

In the abundance of work, we all make our own ‘to do’ list (in mind or on paper/mobile etc.). But we put all the things in the list and try hard to remember every small and big work. This way, one can never attain the peace of mind. Always prioritise and take complete time to do the tasks that are not urgent.

Why to stay awake until late night to check and reply e-mails every day? If they are not urgent, either do it during the daily commute or check it in two days and give reply only to the most important ones. They unnecessarily add stress in your routine.

In fact, the time you spend doing such things can be invested in small but warm conversations with a glass of wine with someone close. This lessens the habit of doing things in haste, it is necessary to slow down sometimes. You get the chance to meet yourself, which in turn gives a positive attitude and motivation.

Keep rejuvenating yourself through small efforts during weekdays

Why do you always need to wait for weekends to relax? What about the people that work even on weekends and have less time to even get an adequate sleep? Human is the most intelligent creature on the earth and have achieved big things. Act with that intelligence. Keep doing small things that can make you feel good and revived during the weekdays. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday any day you want.

Do small things. Spread some flowers on your bed and put some light snacks on a tray with your favourite drink. When your partner/family member comes home, all can have a good time. It will be an exciting surprise for them. Another suggestion, visit to a friend (after knowing his/her convenience) may be on a Monday as this day is notorious with the tag of Monday blues. Any friend or known, whose home comes in your way to home, stop there for a while. Sit and talk about some old good memories. Even a 30 minute talk can help you get refreshed a lot. Refreshment is necessary for motivation.   

Keep a control on your finances

After all, you are living an exhausted life due to the prime reason of money. If you don’t keep your finances organised then you are just wasting all your hard-work. Keep your financial records flawless. Make a budget and spend money wisely. If your credit score is poor then make efforts to improve it otherwise in future, you may face difficulty in your financial records. Finance companies do not give loans or credit cards or any other financial product to poor credit scorers.

Do not depend on other for any financial help. Keep your saving habit strong or if possible take small loans that are easy to repay and have no strict policies. For instance – text loans by direct lenders with no credit check are good for very small needs. Pay the debts on time and keep no mark of pending obligations on your records. When your finances are systematic, half of the reasons of stress are removed.

Being Busy is a status symbol now – Do not let this mentality affect you

Yes, this is true and perhaps you also feel this and find its occurrence around you. Many people think that by staying busy they can enjoy the ‘always in demand’ tag. They feel great when people ask them that why they are always busy. In fact, they get addicted to it because they want to feel important all the time. Make sure you do not get in practice of such oddness. It is not only good for your personal life but also for your health. The basic need of body to have ample sleep and rest is always more important than other thing in this modern world. Besides, whatever you are doing in this materialistic world is for your own good.


The above ways talk about the importance of small efforts that can bring big changes. If you implement them, they can help you relax despite the busy schedule. Life is about finding out the solutions and you can do that with little efforts. Forget not that happiness is in small things that do not charge any cost.