At the beginning of the new year, many people set resolutions. Yet, by the mid of January, most of the people drop their resolutions and give up on their goals.

Many of us have endless to-do lists and goals that we want to achieve. There is a whole science behind how to set goals correctly. Yet it doesn’t mean that when we set a goal, we’ll follow through and stay motivated.

Often we get disheartened when things don’t go our way. Or we feel overwhelmed and build resistance to our goals. Then we feel guilty for not being able to follow through, and we feel like a walking failure.

When we don’t make our dreams and goals come true, we undermine our self-confidence as well. The self-confidence is closely tight to accepting and knowing yourself just as keeping promises to yourself. (You can read more on self-confidence here).

How can you stay motivated?

The problem isn’t that you’d be lazy or a natural procrastinator. I honestly don’t believe there is such a person by nature.

The challenge is that you don’t set the goals that make you feel alive. No wonder that you lose passion and motivation.

Whenever we set our goals based on someone else, we set ourselves up for disappointment. If you set your resolutions based on what your boss or spouse wants then there comes the time when you burn out or begin to feel empty.

Self-doubts and fears kick in, and you aren’t even sure why you try so hard.

The magic is setting goals based on what YOU want. It must come from within you – from your heart.

Your life is always between you and your soul (or god, universe).

Which means that only you can hear the voice of your inspiration and heart guiding you which path to take or which dream to manifest.

No one else can hear the music playing within you so clearly as you can.

I know that often it’s tempting to twist and change because we’re afraid to lose the approval of someone else. I’d been guilty of this too.

But no one – absolutely no one – is responsible for your relationship with your soul. You’re the one who is supposed to bring your deepest visions into life. That is your life purpose.

The moment you give the power over yourself and your dreams into the hand of another person eventually you become unhappy. This is inevitable.

We’re all sovereign souls – all equal at the soul level. Yet each of us is unique and have individual life path. You’re the guardian of your life and life purpose.

Therefore, when you set your goals, you must first tune into your heart.

What does it say?

I know that we’ve disconnected from this wisdom in our hearts. Nevertheless, we can create the connection again.

How to connect to the voice of your heart?

You can try this simple exercise. Every morning (or evening) take a few minutes to talk with your heart.

Put your palms on your heart and feel its beat. Then ask anything you like and just listen. If you’ve been disconnected from your heart for some time, it may take a couple of days until you begin to get answers.

But if you continue the bond between you and your heart will strengthen. After a while, your intuition will get stronger, and you will feel guided.

The power of the hear is enormous. It always knows the best decisions.

What if you’d make this year your year?

Now that you know how to connect with your inner guidance, you can choose goals based on what you want.

Try to dream and dream big. Imagine that this year you could make anything happen. The only opinion that matters is yours.

Forget about your family or friends and ask what do YOU want?

When your goals come from the deepest parts of yourself you never lose motivation. You may have bad days but you never feel like giving up or empty again.

On the other hand, if your goals don’t come from within you, you’ll lose motivation. It’s natural because these goals aren’t yours to follow. They belong to others.

So what do you want?

Don’t be afraid to dream and be courageous because the life is short and precious. Make it count. Make the difference for yourself and others. You’ll see the life change if you choose your relationship with your soul (and higher power of your belief) over anything else.

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