The Covid19 pandemic has perhaps caused more damage to our mental health than physical health because of the endless uncertainties and fear about the disease and the chances of recovering from the setbacks anytime soon.  Every human tries to foresee the future to plan their lives, but the pandemic triggered uncertainty makes us feel scared.

Anxiety and helplessness have set in so deep that it is highly depressing, feels Peter DeCaprio. No one is happy with the kind of lives we are leading during the pandemic, fraught with various restrictions that inhibit the freedom of living. Moreover, the continuous search for suitable coping techniques according to the ever-changing situation is building enormous mental stress. That our wellness and wellbeing are at stake creates a sickly feeling.

Here are some ways to reduce mental stress by imparting positivity to our thought processes.

Reduce idle time

The more control you have on your mind, lesser will be the less mental stress. Usually, emotions run high at times of distress, but you must keep your emotions under control, advises Peter DeCaprio.  Try to stay engaged in some activities throughout the day instead of sitting idle. Idle minds trigger negative thoughts as we ponder about the ongoing crisis that only deepens anxiety and fear. Staying busy with some work like doing the household chores, cooking, gardening, or even playing with the kids or helping them with their lessons will help develop a positive attitude that gives a sense of satisfaction and happiness. It rejuvenates the mind and aids our wellness and wellbeing.

 Stick to some routine

The pandemic’s truncated lifestyle forced upon us tends to upset us as we find it difficult to follow a pattern in our daily lives that encourage healthy living.  Life has become scrappy and most of the things that we do, are from the compulsion that makes us sad and unhappy. To stay away from the boredom of aimless living that increases mental stress, create a new daily routine by considering the situation to get some direction about leading your life with some purpose.  Following the routine religiously will tune your body clock with the activities and leave no room for negative thoughts to creep in.

To maintain a certain level of physical activities while spending most of the time at home, include exercises in the routine, preferably in the morning, so that your body and mind stay tuned perfectly, ensuring good health. Have enough rest and good sleep to allow the body and mind to recover from the stress and start the day positively.

See and think positive

Despite plenty of negativity in the current environment, set it aside consciously by focusing only on the positive experiences in your daily life. Be grateful for the good things that happened to you, no matter how small they might be. Stay optimistic about the outcomes and always be ready to reshape your life quickly by accepting the changes instead of considering them an impediment.

The tasks that you take up daily should be achievable so that you derive the satisfaction of accomplishment that gives a feeling of wellbeing.