We’re in an unprecedented time when things are changing on a daily basis.

If we weren’t already working from home, we are now. Our daily lives have changed. We aren’t meeting friends from lunch, going to workout classes, or socializing on the weekends.

It’s not easy to stay positive or grounded during times like this.

But like any experience, there is a silver lining and an opportunity to decide who you want to be — and how you want to act — that can change the present and the future for you and those around you.

Tip 1: Keep showing up. 

It’s easy to start running around like a chicken with your head cut off, but it’s time to stay focused. What would you work on today if it were a “regular” workday? When you can keep a consistent schedule and stick to a solid daily routine, you feel more grounded and centered.

Tip 2: Be the light. 

In stressful times, people wear their emotions on their sleeves. You can complain about others and take out your frustrations on them, or you can choose to be a source of light and support. You can be encouraging, positive, and helpful. You can be an example and give people hope.

Tip 3: Be of service. 

Times of need are opportunities to share your wisdom, gifts, and expertise with others. You can help someone who maybe couldn’t otherwise afford it and be helpful in the process. Plus, you’ll make new connections and expand your perspective.

Tip 4: Take care of yourself. 

Stay grounded. Be mindful of your own energy. Develop a practice that helps you stay calm: meditation, movement, and journaling are good places to start. Stay consistent with your practice. This will help ensure you’re not taking on the anxious, panicked energy of others. 

Tip 5: Get creative and innovative. 

Some of the best innovations happen during times of crisis. Now is the time to get creative. What can you offer that serves a need? What have you been wanting to learn or do? Create a new service. Take a class. Read a book. Let your creativity run wild and see where it leads you. 

Tip 6: Support your network. 

Reach out to your contacts. Even though you’re social distancing, now is a great time to reach out to fellow business owners, partners, and clients for virtual coffee chats. Check-in, re-establish connections, and see how you might support each other during this time.

Tip 7: Be a resource. 

As Mr. Rogers said, “Look for the helpers.” Be a helper. Who in your community could use your help? The smallest task can be meaningful in times like this. You can make a huge difference by offering to go to the store, connect someone with a resource, or just by reaching out.

It’s up to you.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the fear and anxiety, there is always another way. You can choose to be the light or see the darkness. You can choose to connect or isolate. You can choose love or fear.

What’s helping you stay positive and grounded these days? What thoughts or actions have helped you through challenging times?


  • Stacey Hagen


    Create Coaching & Consulting

    Stacey Hagen is the founder of Create Coaching & Consulting, where she works with purpose-driven business owners who want to create businesses and brands that reflect their strengths and attract their dream clients, so they can do what they love and make an impact in the world.