positive mindset

There is no doubt that 2020 that has brought up a lot of challenges for everyone, everywhere in the world. With current global pandemic, we all have had to make changes to our lives. We have changed how be behave in pubic through social distancing and business owners have changed they way they operate their businesses.

As there are so many changes to contend with, while trying to get on with our lives, there is also that anxiety at the back of our minds about our health and safety. Through all of this anxiety and stress of getting through life, it is easy to get overcome with emotions and have a negative outlook on live.

In this article, I will show you some tips on how to stay positive in difficult times.

Appreciate what you already have

We tend to mull over the things that we do not have. There are so many nice things that we would like, even though they are not essential.

Attaining those items that we would love to have may be more difficult today as the pandemic has created a lot of unemployment, while those who are freelancers or run their own business, it is likely that profits will not be as high as they were previously.

Instead of looking at the things you do not have, take a look at all the things that you do have. You may have items that are stored away that once brought you happiness. Some things that you have may need repairs, why not try repairing them.

It is important to realise and be thankful what you already have because there are a lot of people out there that have a lot less than you!


There are many benefits to regular meditation. With meditation, you can manage anxiety and stress levels. Meditating for 15 to 30 minutes a day will help you focus better both on your tasks, what you want to achieve and reduce your stress levels.

If you have not tried meditation before, you will find lots of tutorials online, including breathing exercises.

Connect with family and friends

As social distancing has become common in most countries, we can become lonely and isolated. It is important for our own well-being to connect with our friends and family by whichever means are possible.

Technologies such as Zoom and WhatsApp offer simple free solutions to get people connected under social distancing conditions.

By communicating to friends and family will help lift some of the loneliness and isolation that one may be facing. Isolation can cause a negative mindset for some, therefore it is important to be aware of how isolation may affect you.

Talking will help you discuss your problems with those who care, while their feedback may help your mind overcome stressful and anxious emotions.

If you are facing difficult times you must remember that it will all pass. A positive mindset will help you get over the stress and anxiety that you may be facing. Above are some simple tips to help you stay positive in difficult times. We all face tough times at certain points in our lives, but we must remain positive to get through them.