Life is like a rollercoaster. It makes you go through a lot of ups and downs and you have no option, you have to deal with it anyhow. The recent times of the pandemic have brought a great hustle to our lives. It not only affected us physically but mentally as well. With the startling Covid updates all over the news channels and social media, it is really hard to stay optimistic. Hard times are like examinations of life which, if passed, life becomes easier and more beautiful.

 So, here are some ways that will help you stay positive in tough times-  

  1. Eat Healthy Food

Eating healthy is one thing we all neglect most of the time. And working from home makes it even more difficult. Being at home gives us 24/7 access to the kitchen, craving all day leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. Thus, it’s important to keep an eye on the type of food you are eating, as the type of food you eat can become a pitfall for stress management. 

Greater stress levels can increase the demand for a particular type of food in your body such as Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Selenium, and Magnesium. In this case, it’s really important to make modifications to your diet for a healthy lifestyle.

2. Listen to good music

Had it ever happened to you that you don’t feel like working, you listen to your favorite song and suddenly your mood totally changes? 

Listening to music can actually help you a lot as it not only reduces stress but also helps improve mood. Apart from this, it helps lessen anxiety. Music therapy helps in enhancing communication, coping, expression of feelings such as loneliness, anger, fear, and anxiety.  

3. Learn something new

When you learn something new, you put your mind and soul into it. While performing an activity, you only focus on that and the rest of the thoughts just don’t come to your mind. This is beneficial since learning something new expands your skillset and knowledge, as well as helping you build emotions of competency and progress, which may reduce stress. 

Pursue any of your hobbies, work on them and you will feel the change.

4. Meditate

If stress and anxiety are getting on your nerves, consider practicing meditation. Devoting at least a few minutes of your busy schedule to meditation regularly will not only make you calm but will fill you with positivity and good vibes. Studies have shown that the person who meditates on a regular basis has stronger decision-making abilities in tough times compared to the person who does not meditate.

5. Cherish Nature’s Beauty

You might think about how cherishing nature can help us in hard times. Wake up early in the morning and you will get your answer. With the cool wind blowing, birds chirping, the sun still not risen, you will get a chance to feel nature’s essence in you, you will get a new freshness, more power to work with greater efficiency. 

6. Stay Social

Staying social doesn’t mean you stay active all day on social media. It refers to the in-human interaction you have with your close ones. Talk to them, share your problem and ask about theirs. You will definitely get a solution to yours and maybe you can help them. 

Talking to friends is also a good option. When you are with your friends you enjoy yourself the most, so call a friend and converse with them about their life and you can even share your problem with them if you feel like doing it.


Everyone has gone through hard times at least once in their entire life. These times can even hit you hard and pull you back into the race of life. But you have to stand strong and keep heading forward. As there is no option like giving up. 

Stay strong, Stay positive!