Gary Saitowitz

The work-from-home regime has become an integral part of human life. Individuals all across the globe are trying to fulfill their professional commitments from their arena. It has emerged as a norm in the past few months. The worldwide pandemic has necessitated individuals to protect themselves from the virus. Around 50% of the world population is now working remotely. Some on an occasional basis while others regularly. International organizations are increasingly stressing the significance of social distancing and safety precautions. With the spread of the pandemic, companies are now shutting their premises and pushing the workload remotely. In this scenario, it is significant to ensure that the teams are motivated to work correctly. Apart from this, ensuring their health and well-being becomes a crucial aspect for the entrepreneur.

Guidelines by Gary Saitowitz for keeping your team productive during COVID-19

First and foremost, you have to ensure that employees get incentives and freedom for their remote operations.

  • Have an understanding of your employees and the topics they get curious about: Your workforce may feel overwhelmed and stressed with too much information. As a result, they may ignore your messages and may not catch up with smooth operations. Staying in contact with your employees is crucial and challenging at the same time. You have to develop an understanding of your employees and their requirements. You have to focus upon the internal audiences just like you focus on your communication team and marketing. Gary Saitowitz provides top communication tips to help entrepreneurs keep their employees productive during these tedious times.
  • Use the perfect communication channel: With the employees’ displacement, you have to use a communication channel to make operations easy. Apart from communicating with dispersed employees, you have to deal with a multigenerational workforce. Some employees are more comfortable with internal procedures. While others would prefer to use their personal space for fulfilling their professional commitments. Hence, you have to communicate with them through the right channel to disperse important information.
  • Personalization of message: Different employees will not receive the same input. Most of them will be dealing with too much while others with relevant input. If you want to assist the workforce in being successful, ensure that they focus on essential information. Do not distract them with irrelevant input. If you abstain from personalizing the message, the employees will have no alternative but to go into the input details. It will slowly reduce their concentration.
  • Give your workforce the chance to say: Your employees must get an opportunity to express their opinion. It may be challenging or otherwise. Whatever it is, when they are working remotely, they must not feel disconnected and lonely. It is your responsibility to provide them with ways of communicating with you with their opinions and suggestions. Try to influence their morale, well-being and extend motivation.

Apart from this, try to connect with your remote employees and recognize accomplishments. You have to take measures to examine the effectiveness of the internal communication channel.