CHECKING IN WITH FAMILY MEMBERS – It is important to notice what you are being on a daily basis and know if you are actually being there for your family members. Whoever you consider family–please allow yourself to reach out and connect with them to see how they are doing. A simple Hi and I hope you are all can go a long way! Being there for one another as a family is all around important at this time and for me it sure has helped.

KNOW THAT YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR OWN WELLNESS (Know that you’ll get through it and that sometimes our Culture is Therapy !) – Taking long walks and watching your favs on TV has been truly beneficial for us and was a huge step up in our wellbeing game! It showed me that not all is work come and no play. It’s time to step off from that work drama but that most of us need a breather with a good friend from time to time. A time away from the usual 9-5 can really help re-strategize things at work too so a good mindful time away from the computer can help you find a better pace and a better outlook on things.

TAKING A MEDITATION BREAK (Offering sacred time to your InnerScape) – We all need space from the chaos. A step away from the continuous mind chatter. While talking with others or planning ahead can be good sometimes this too can be too much. Sitting outside with just a simple smile and breathe can resolve almost everything.

VIBING WITH COUNTRY MUSIC – Pay attention to more country music. I love the soft and loving vibe it brings. It’s truly soothing for the soul. My favorite track right now is “On Mine” by Noah Cyrus and Thomas Wesley. Such a fresh and modern track! There aren’t so many new relatable songs out there right now but this one’s a hit!

RE-VISITING MY FAVORITE SPOTS WITHIN THE CITY (Because going with the flow of our Ideals and Favorite go-to’s are always a Must! ) – Although there were no restaurants open or plans for safety precautions on what to do if you can not go out to eat!! Lol! Thankfully I have continued to maintain safe by re-visiting my favorite landmarks that I will love forever!!! Some being The Natural Museum of History, Central Park, SOHO’s Nolita District and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

CHECKING MY INBOX FOR A CHANGE – Once this pandemic happened, everything stood-still. Checking out who is keeping up with you truly kept me on track and to know who truly has your back was even more than that.