Why You Need the Full Life Framework to Achieve Success in Life

I know that it can be really diffcult to stick with your New Year’s resolution. There are so many things out there that can derail your progress and get you off track, despite your very best intentions. It’s certainly happened to me a time or two. Still, there are a number of things that you can (and should) do to be successful:

  • Give it some thought. Carefully ponder your resolution before you make it. What would be most meaningful to you at this particular juncture in your life? Sometimes we come up with something quickly just to have a resolution on New Year’s Eve without giving it enough thought. Take your time and keep your personal goals and needs in mind. What will matter most to you in 2023? After all, your New Year’s resolution only happens once a year.
  • Put it on paper. There is so much power in putting something in writing. Spell it out for yourself and hang it in a spote where you’ll see it every day to remind yourself of your goals.
  • Figure out your why. Get to the bottom of why you want to keep this resolution in the first place. That will help give you the motivation that you need to make it come to pass. What’s driving you? How will it change you? Your life? The lives of others?
  • Map out your how. You know what they say, once you figure out your why, you can then strategically develop your how. What are the little steps that it’s going to take to make this goal a reality? Break it down so that you can get there step by step. Keep in mind that nothing happens overnight- baby steps are the way to go.
  • Give yourself a timeline. I find that we often come up with a resolution and a starting point (Jan. 1st), but don’t give ourselves an end date or stopping point. Attach a timeline to your goal and the little milestones along the way so that you can stay on track.
  • Check in on your progress. Set reminders on your calendar or phone so that you can hold yourself accountable for your progress, and adjust as needed to ensure that you keep your resolution this year.
  • Celebrate the little victories along the way. It doesn’t happen all at once. Reward yourself for the tiny successes as you move towards your ultimate goal. The more you celebrate along the way, the more likely you are to stick with your resolution.
  • Don’t beat yourself up for setbacks. We all take steps backwards here and there. Don’t let them derail your whole plan. You can still make your resolution work out the way that you want it to, so don’t get set back by your setbacks.
  • Find some support. Enlist a friend or family member to support you in terms of the resolution. They will serve as your cheerleader when you feel your resolution waning.
  • Hold yourself accountable. At the end of the day, no one is more accountable for making your resolution come to pass than yourself. It’s all about mindset. As such, set goals, plan accordingly, and make it happen! New year- new you!