If you’ve been told to work from home, you’ve had to cancel a major event, your trips postponed and/or your anxiety is just straight-up, through the roof, I got you. You can still feel grounded, and let a bit of the panic subside. Besides, our immune systems or stronger sans-stress. 

Here’s how to maintain your well-being in this climate:

Focus on your morning. 

If there’s one thing you can control, it’s how you start your day. You don’t have to wake up and check the news, scroll instagram or respond to emails. As much as it seems like you DO, you don’t. So instead of picking up your phone right away, give yourself some space. Sure, this tip is always helpful, but we’re so inundated with alarm right now, that it’s even more important to implement.

Consume the good stuff.

Trade CNN for leafy veggies. The more greens the better. An all-green juice on an empty stomach about an hour before you eat or drink anything can be extremely medicinal. It hydrates our cells, aids in digestion, provides antioxidants and protects our gut. Speaking of our gut – now would be a good time to invest in a high-quality probiotic. I highly HIGHLY recommend Seed and “roottorise10” will give you a discount.
If a green juice is a hard no, or is inaccessible, just focus on consuming more vegetables to help your your immune system do its’ important job.

Sleep it off.

Sleep is MAJOR. It allows our bodies to restore, get in there and do that good, healing work. What’s your bedtime process look like now? Are you up late? Getting enough hours? Waking up often during the night? Assess how you’re winding your body down at night. Some advice would be to cut caffeine after 3pm, leave your phone an hour before bed, and even incorporate scents or noises that lull you to sleep. Lavender and ocean waves are my favorites.

Be kind to yourself.

We’re all in this together. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s easy to feel worried, sad, concerned, obsessive. All of that is valid, especially when we’re stuck inside and distractions like instagram only perpetuate the fear. Take some of the time you’ve gained from cancelled plans and turn it into an activity you deeply enjoy. A bath, a good movie, a yoga video. Allow yourself to let go, even if it’s just for a few minutes.