Do you love a good guarantee?

I do. Great guarantees make it easy to choose.

People believe freelancing doesn’t have a guarantee. That is why people fail to start freelancing full time.

People get scared. Normal jobs are comfortable. The paychecks are regular, your hours are predictable, and work is scheduled for you. We are programmed to find comfort in routine.

Psychological Truth:This programming keeps us at jobs that don’t pay well and take advantage of us.

Do you want to change?

Are you tired of working hard and getting paid less than your worth?

What if you could break free of the office, work from wherever you want, and charge what your worth to do the work you love?

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You can do all of this and more once you learn the secret to freelancing full time.

Freelancing Full Time

To start freelancing full time you need to do three things.

1)Master Your Psychology:

Behavior is hard to change. Knowing this gives you an advantage. To beat behavioral barriers change your mindset. I changed my mindset about freelancing full time. I realized,

“The only guarantee in freelancing is the one you create.”

I wrote down the mindset changes I needed to start freelancing full time. Below is a portion of my mindset change.

Mindset Change:I’ll work hard to be an expert. My expertise will result in a higher per hour rate. A higher rate means I can work less because i’m making more money. I also get the added benefit of not worrying about bad clients because only good clients pay great rates.

What would your mindset change take? Take a minute, write it down, and discover where you need to start changing your mind.

(Change Your Client’s Mindset with the Power of Fascination. Here)

2)Give up on Permission Marketing:

Don’t let a market or job board dictate your success.

To successfully start freelancing full time you must find new places to get work. My coaching student complained they weren’t getting enough work with Upwork.

The Problem:They reached their proposal limit for the month. They had to wait till the end of the month to send out more proposals.

The Real Problem:They let Upwork control their success.

Instead of finding another job board to pitch jobs to, getting on LinkedIn and networking, or promoting themselves on FB groups they wanted to wait fifteen days to start sending proposals.

Why didn’t they look for work elsewhere? They were scared at learning a new system. They wanted to wait for Upwork to avoid the discomfort of learning a new job board.

Don’t get comfortable with one job board. No one will give you permission to succeed so don’t ask for it. Go for what you want.

(Want a list of the highest paying job boards for freelancers? Join my Freelancer’s Insider List for my go to sites to book gigs. Here)

3)Create Multiple Streams of Revenue

You ever miss paying a bill because a paycheck is late? It happens.

Not having enough money is scary. Having one source of income is even scarier. Freelancing full time means you can create multiple streams of income and alleviate that fear of not having enough.

When you work a day job your income source comes from one place. When you are a freelancer you can work with multiple clients and create multiple streams of income from each client.

Freelancing full time also means you can create diverse forms of income. You can:

*Negotiate monthly retainers

*Negotiate commissions on sales projects

*Create referral systems to reward clients who send you clients

*Market yourself directly

*And more

Create The Guarantee You Need to Start Freelancing Today

You want to start freelancing full time but haven’t? Why? What is keeping you from leaving a job that doesn’t pay you enough, works you too hard, and offers little benefits?

Comment on what keeps you from making the leap below. I’ll respond with suggestions, resources, and ideas to overcome your barriers and start the journey to freelancing full time today.

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