stop hating

There are some people among us who hate themselves due to many reasons. This article is not about why they hate themselves. But we are going to talk here about how they can stop hating themselves. The reasons for hating may get differ from one person to another. But the remedies may be the same for anyone. So here are some basic steps you can follow if you hate yourself.

Become self-aware

Hating start with when you don’t have a clear understating about yourself. You may have high expectations for yourself. But when you cant achieve those expectations, you may feel angry about yourself. So first you have to find who you are and what you are capable of. If not, you will start seeing you like a looser. When we know our true potential, we can set our targets according to that. So become self-aware

Build positive thoughts

This is a significant ingredient for a happy life. Everything depends on the attitudes we have on our mind. We may be psychically strong. But if you are mentally weak, you will lose everything. There are so many benefits you get from a positive attitude. Most importantly, you will start liking you.

Forgive yourself

The main thing that causes hate toward ourselves is having guilty feelings about our mistakes. We must learn to let them go. All of us make mistakes. But we should not remind those again and again because it may lead to hate ourselves. If we can learn from those mistakes and let them go, we can live a happy life.

Develop strong relationships

Make good friends, find a good life partner and respect your family. Relationships are the things that can keep us away from bad feelings. Strong relationships can make you proud of yourself.

Stop comparing

Each one of us is unique. We can not compare ourself with someone, because each one has unique characteristics,skills, abilities etc. Someone may be superior to us in a specific field. But we may be an expert in a field that person is not aware about. So we have to find our actual skills and abilities, and we must develop them without comparing someone’s to ours.

Reward yourself

Sometime we may use to see ourselves as losers even we had get achievements in our lives. Some of us never get satisfied with their achievements. It’s totally wrong. We must continue appreciative our efforts and results even they are significantly small. Small or big, the achievement is an achievement.

So those are the things we can follow in order to stop hating ourselves. Just find who you are and set your expectations accordingly. It doesn’t mean you should always try to limit yourself. Just don’t set unachievable targets. Life is a beautiful thing. People around us are beautiful…So never waste this opportunity because of hatred.

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