Is there anywhere in your life where you’re holding off from making a decision or taking action because you’re afraid of making the wrong choice or moving in the wrong direction?This is how it happens: Instead of using the information you have and trusting yourself enough to make the best decision you can given that information, you stall. You make entirely logical excuses about why, too.This makes sense because you can make a rational argument to support whatever your stance is on just about anything (we all can).

But what’s the opportunity cost of not making a decision? Or of not taking action?

Allow me to add this distinction: there’s a difference between staying still for intentional rest, to soak up all the goodness that comes with a season you’re in, and/or because your intuition is telling you to do so- in fact, those are all active choices.

Might it be a dose of faith that you need to spark your doing something without a guaranteed outcome? This should remind you that you’ve made it this far without being psychic and knowing how it would pan out. And I bet you’d say that even through the hard and painful parts, it’s worked out.

So what might a dose of faith with a side of self-trust look like for your current situation?

If that all feels scary, ask yourself, “What’s the real belief I have that’s underlying my indecision and/or inaction? How can I address that first?”

Here’s to your making aligned decisions that are rooted in a little bit of faith and a lot of self-trust!