When we set up goals for our life, the best and most effective thing to do is to narrow them down to be the most specific and detailed versions of what we want to achieve. 

Don’t worry about the “how.” This is the hardest part of creating goals. When we are creating a goal we want to know everything and if we don’t we get stressed, anxious, fear kicks in and we are done! Fear stops us from taking any sort of action.

This is normal. 

How many times have you created a goal and given up before taking any action, because you don’t know how it’s going to play out?

Giving Up on Health Goals

Healthwise it happens the same way. When clients come to me, often they have a physical goal they want to achieve. The truth is that soon enough they realize the goal they set up is not really the goal they need to achieve in the first place but if they hadn’t set up the first goal they wouldn’t know that.

When you want to transform your life, you probably set a goal. But if you’re scared or you don’t know how to achieve that goal, do you know that’s a signal for you to seek guidance? This is what I did when I hit a wall of fear. Instead of giving up on big goal, I turned to a mentor.

I knew I wanted a better life for myself, I knew I wanted a better life for my clients and the people I teach at the group sessions, and of course, I wanted to spread the word to the entire world because to me, healing through food is the medicine of the future.

What I didn’t know was what I really needed to do to get there. So I asked for advice from my mentor, Bob Proctor, and he helped me to see a much bigger picture I would have never imagined.

He told me I had to create my own program for professionals and my signature certification.

I needed to create many Gemis all around the world so people have a better understanding of brain health in a holistic way. 

It was challenging to see this huge project in my mind but everything is created in our mind first before manifestation, after all. 

That was all I needed to know; then I got into it.

Find out more about our amazing opportunity, the certification program, Dynamic Nutrition Specialist.